7 Stonehenge tours from Southampton: how to add this bucket list site to your cruise trip

stonehenge tours from Southampton

The amazing wonder of Stonehenge with the mysterious and ginormous stones towering above regular people is a must see for so many who travel to the UK every year. To stand in its presence and feel the history of the land honestly has to be experienced! If you’re heading to or from a cruise from … Read more

Stonehenge at Summer Solstice – how to visit at the sacred midsummer time

Stonehenge at Summer Solstice

I’ve written a lot about visiting Stonehenge on this blog – it’s one of the top attractions in Britain and one of my personal faves so I kinda have to! But if you’re planning to visit Stonehenge at Summer Solstice then some of the information you need is going to be a lot different. In … Read more

What’s the closest airport to Stonehenge? From plane to the stone circle!

closest airport to stonehenge

If Stonehenge is your major bucket list item when visiting the UK then you’ll maybe be wondering what the nearest airport is to maximise your time. If that’s the case for you then this article should answer all of your questions. I adore Stonehenge and love to highlight the best ways to see it for … Read more

The best Stonehenge Inner Circle Tours from London this year: get VIP access!

Inside Stonehenge on an inner circle tour from London

Ancient rocks all tell a story and I wonder what the stones at Stonehenge could say? If only you could get up close and listen a little bit nearer to them… Walking among the giant monoliths at Stonehenge is what most people assume will happen when they visit the ancient site. You can imagine the … Read more

How to get from London to Stonehenge in 2023 – easiest, cheapest and best ways to visit

London to Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most popular sites in the world to visit, but being out in the countryside of England it’s not one of the easiest places to get to without some prior knowledge and planning. It’s unfortunately not quite as simple as walking up to a bus stop in London and getting on … Read more

A helpful guide to visiting Stonehenge in 2024 – including how to make it worth seeing!

Visiting Stonehenge on a winter morning

Close your eyes and imagine think of the first thing that comes to mind with the words ‘ancient Britain’ – I bet Stonehenge comes to mind whether you’ve seen it in real life or not. It’s etched on so many people’s minds like the pyramids. It’s iconic. It’s one of the most popular tourist sites … Read more