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Driving from UK to Italy – tips for an epic road trip!

mini driving to italy from uk

If you’ve ever wanted to drive to Italy from the UK and wondered what the trip was like and whether it was worth the long journey then this blog post is for you. We did the journey a couple of years ago now in a really small car. Yes we could have probably flown and […]

One day in Genoa – what to see and do with 24 hours or less

Genoa, or Genova as the Italians say, is a large city on the Ligurian coast and it’s a very popular place to visit since it’s well served by budget airlines and also it’s a cruise stop for those wishing to explore Northern Italy.  It was the nearest big city for us when we stayed along […]

Visiting Monaco on a budget – our day trip from Italy

Can you really do Monaco on a budget?  It seems like those words don’t go together doesn’t it?  Monaco, the place where the wealthy hang out, surely it can’t be a cheap place to visit?  Inside my brain was saying – Good luck sticking to a budget there! But we were determined to visit, and […]