About us

Hi there!  Thank you for taking the time to visit my corner of the internet – I hope that you’ve made yourself comfortable and you’re ready for some serious travel inspiration!  You’re in the right place if you’re looking for tips and inspiration about road tripping, historical sites or just some info about many of the wonderful places in the UK, Europe and USA that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and wanted to share with you.


About Barts Go Adventuring

I created Barts Go Adventuring primarily as a diary for one of the biggest changes of my life – the moment we gave up work, our home and our ties and set off on a six month tour of Europe and the UK in our camper van with our kids.  This blog was a lifeline to me in those days as I used it to grump at how much I had still to do, talked through the emotions of the big change and finally as a place to jot down where we’d been once we finally got going.

As the years have gone by and as the internet has changed and also as I’ve changed, so has the usefulness of those planning posts and random emotional outburst (were they ever useful??) and as such I’ve changed the direction of the blog.  Those past posts were really only useful to me as a reminder of my personal journey and were not really what I hoped this blog would be!

What you’ll find here now is my take on the destinations we visited, what I learned, what we learned about the history and my tips on what you might find useful if you’re planning to go.  I really enjoy sharing our love of history and travel together so that’s the main theme of the site.  There’s also some posts about road tripping in general and also our latest project – a van conversion!  These are written with helpfulness and you, the reader, in mind and it’s definitely been a good change!


About The Barts

The Barts consists of myself, Kirsty and my husband James.  We’re in our late 30s / early 40s and from the UK.  As people who grew up in Scotland (me) and Yorkshire (James) we both know a thing or two about spending less money on things than anyone else!  Budget travel has always been at the forefront of our ethos and even when our purses held enough of a budget for the finer things, we’re kind of stuck on the free and cheap things to do – we actually like it that way!

We can’t forget our two kids as well – Marcus is now 18 and Alex is very nearly 17 and they have been constant companions on our trips and they make it all super fun!  As they are older we’re starting to go away without them some more which is different but nice all the same.

We have a couple of new additions to the family as well recently – Tonks is our self converted campervan which has been a joy to work on and start exploring in.  It’s nice to have her to explore more local areas on weekends.  Also, coming soon is our new dog, Annie.  I’ll update this more when she’s here and hopefully have some dog related travel articles to come in the future!

Let’s also not forget Gloria – a trusty campervan that took us all round Europe back in 2013.  I think she’s still on the road and I look out for her constantly.  Always a Bart.