How to get to Windsor Castle from London: best and cheapest ways to visit

how to get to Windsor castle from London

Discovering Windsor Castle, the home of British Royalty, is one of the top things to do in England for visitors and when you wander around the town that is dominated by the castle you can completely see why. Strewn with flags, Windsor is like a permanent garden party where pictures of the Royal family adorn … Read more

Windsor day trip from London – how to do it and what to see

windsor day trip from london

Flags are flying all around the town and not just because the new King of Britain has been crowned. Windsor has a royal feel just oozing out of it everywhere you turn! And that’s not surprising with the castle, which has stood for centuries, overlooking you wherever you turn. It’s weird to think that the … Read more

Edinburgh castle: is it worth visiting in 2024?

Visiting Edinburgh Castle Is it worth it

It’s a site that’s dominated the dreams of people waiting to visit the Scottish capital city – Edinburgh castle also dominates in real life too! Commanding the city that has grown round it, Edinburgh Castle draws tourists to it like moths to a flame. It’s rightly on many people’s bucket list when visiting the city! … Read more

Linlithgow Palace: a guide to visiting the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots

View of the exterior of Linlithgow Palace near Edinburgh

Just the name, Linlithgow Palace, conjures up images of Scottish Royalty and the rich history of the country. In actual fact the palace now stands as a ruin and possibly doesn’t quite fit a classic Scottish castle image! (I always think it looks a little harsh as a building and not like some fairytale castles … Read more

8 fairytale castles near Edinburgh to visit – the best in the city and around

Stirling Castle from the West in late afternoon autumn sunshine.

If you’re visiting Scotland and you’re looking for castles to visit nearby to Edinburgh then you’re in luck because not only are there 3 that are in the city itself there are another 5 to choose from nearby that I have highlighted here in this guide. There are actually many more around Scotland that you … Read more

The 10 best castles in Germany to visit: history and beauty

best castles to visit in germany

German castles are something else and are often just like something out of a fairytale, not surprising since many fairytales originated in these areas.  They are picturesque but more than that they are full of amazing history.  Some look older than others but are actually quite new and some are really old yet are famous … Read more

A helpful guide to visiting the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh

Visiting the Palace of Holyrood house in Edinburgh is one way to learn more about the Royal family as it is one of their official residences.

The history just seeps from the walls as you walk around the luxurious interiors of this Royal Palace in Edinburgh. You hear stories that take you all the way back to the 11th century, shock you when Mary, Queen of Scots was alive and intrigue you with the current royal family. I’m quite the fan … Read more

Castles in Northumberland: 5 beautiful spots to visit in 2023

Castles in Northumberland to visit

The area of Northumberland has a lot going for it. It’s beautiful with amazing scenery around, quiet even in the height of summer and absolutely filled with castles to explore too!  If stumbling around the historic past of this part of the country is your idea of a good time then you’ll love to visit … Read more

6 best castles near London to visit in 2023: explore Royal history on these day trips

best castles near london england

Anyone visiting the UK can be easily blown away and even overwhelmed by the enormous amount of history on offer whether that’s ancient stones, Roman ruins, medieval castles or Victorian architecture.  Yes, we do have a lot!   For anyone who is based near London and wants to visit a nice traditional English castle – … Read more

Visiting Colditz Castle – your complete guide

Visiting colditz castle, Saxony Germany

The town of Colditz lies in East Germany and as such it’s not really on the tourist trail and definitely counts as an off the beaten track destination.  There is something quite interesting about the castle here though so if you’re planning on visiting Colditz Castle, which dominates the view over the town, then read … Read more