8 problems Americans driving in Scotland experience and how to avoid them on your next trip!

Embarking on a road trip through Scotland is a dream come true for many American travelers. Picture-perfect landscapes, enchanting castles, and the allure of the Highlands beckon you to explore every nook and cranny of this remarkable country. However, amidst the excitement, it’s crucial to acknowledge that driving in Scotland can present some unexpected challenges! … Read more

Visiting Culross in Scotland – Outlander’s Cranesmuir and a pretty Fife village

Visiting Culross in Scotland you'll see historic houses like these that were used in Outlander as Cranesmuir

With its uneven buildings holding a secret of the past, Culross is a gorgeous place to step back in time in Scotland! Narrow streets, higgledy piggledy houses and views across the river towards Edinburgh await you in this beauty of a location. We used to live just a few miles away from picturesque Culross and … Read more

7 Underrated Scottish Islands You Need to Visit Before Everyone Else Does

telephone box in a remote part of Shetland

Scotland has more than its fair share of islands to visit but if you’ve ever been to Skye on a particularly busy August weekend like I did the first time I went, you’ll know that the remote Scottish ideal isn’t quite the reality for everyone! But don’t fear because if you’re hoping for some remote … Read more

Scottish Ferries – all you need to know about using them to travel around Scotland

If you’re planning to get off the beaten track in Scotland, or even just visiting some of the well loved islands, then it’s likely that you’ll find yourself on a ferry at some point. With all the Scottish islands it’s normally the only way to get to them! The Isle of Skye can be reached … Read more

Mull campsites for motorhomes and campervans – where to stop in 2023

mull campsites motorhomes

The Isle of Mull draws you in with its promises of wildlife spotting, amazing night skies and walks throughout the island. So, as you can imagine, anyone staying and keeping a connection to the outdoors, like motorhomers and campervannners will love it! There’s a lot to do on Mull and we thoroughly enjoyed our time … Read more

25+ facts about tartan: Scotland’s iconic national fabric!

woman with a scottish tartan fabric shawl

Calling all tartan enthusiasts and culture buffs! Ok, I got your attention! If you’ve got questions about tartan then this is the post for you. We’re about to uncover some fascinating facts about tartan – the iconic pattern that has become synonymous with Scotland and its rich heritage. Perhaps you’ve wondered about the origins of … Read more