The Big 10: The Best Scottish Wildlife to spot

scottish wildlife

Are you ready for the wild and untamed heart of Scotland? Where majestic creatures roam the rugged landscapes and awe-inspiring encounters with nature await at every turn! If you’re a wildlife enthusiast seeking amazing spotting opportunities, you’ve come to the right place! Scotland is a great place for animal lovers, boasting a rich tapestry of … Read more

Scotland in June: is early summer a good time to visit?

Scotland in June

Early summer is one of the most popular times of year to visit Scotland and June sees the country welcome in lots of visitors, especially from overseas. The warmer weather and relatively quiet locations rightly tempt so many to make Scotland their summer vacation destination! Scotland in June is getting warmer but with it being … Read more

Car hire in Inverness: all you need to know for driving around the Scottish Highlands (2024)

car rental in Inverness

Exploring pretty and remote villages, heading out early for a hike or just driving as far north as you can are often high on the lists of people wanting to visit the Scottish Highlands. But that can be a bit tricky without your own vehicle giving you some sense of independence. I’ve driven loads around … Read more