Traveling to Scotland for the first time – tips for a perfect trip

Piper with hill and glen in the background in Scotland

Scotland evokes almost ethereal images in people whether they’ve been to the country or not. Bagpipe players overlooking rolling hills and lochs, misty glens and ancient stone circles can all be seen if you want it! I’ve experienced almost all of Scotland’s typical scenes, whether that was the sheep in the road while on the … Read more

Small Isles Ferry: How to get to the islands of Eigg, Rum, Canna and Muck

aerial view of Mallaig with Small Isles Ferry

The Small Isles on the west coast of Scotland are a relatively off beat set of islands that each offer something different to each traveller. Eigg, Rum, Canna and Muck are small but surprising destinations but I’m not writing about the islands on this post but rather looking to help you get there on the … Read more

Linlithgow Palace: a guide to visiting the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots

View of the exterior of Linlithgow Palace near Edinburgh

Just the name, Linlithgow Palace, conjures up images of Scottish Royalty and the rich history of the country. In actual fact the palace now stands as a ruin and possibly doesn’t quite fit a classic Scottish castle image! (I always think it looks a little harsh as a building and not like some fairytale castles … Read more

Is Scotland the same time as England? And other time related questions for tourists

smart phone showing Scotland is the same time as England

When planning a vacation to Scotland it’s handy to get your head around the time zones early on, especially when considering flights, jet lag and possibly even phoning home to family and friends. What time is it in Scotland right now? This is the current time in Scotland right now. It doesn’t mattter whether you’re … Read more