What’s the closest airport to Stonehenge? From plane to the stone circle!

If Stonehenge is your major bucket list item when visiting the UK then you’ll maybe be wondering what the nearest airport is to maximise your time.

If that’s the case for you then this article should answer all of your questions. I adore Stonehenge and love to highlight the best ways to see it for visitors to the UK.

I’ve linked to some other articles I have about the stones where appropriate and you might find them helpful when planning your trip!

Right, lets take a look at the airports closes to Stonehenge…

The closest airport to Stonehenge is Southampton Airport which is just over 30 miles away from the stone circle.

However, most people will use a London airport to arrive in the UK. Heathrow is the closest London airport to Stonehenge and is just under 90 miles away.

A note from the writer: Hey! I’m Kirsty and I’m probably Stonehenge’s biggest fan and expert on visiting – I’ve been so many times over the past few years!

I love encouraging people to come and see and really make the most out of their visit. Shout (or comment below) if you have any questions about visiting Stonehenge and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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closest airport to stonehenge

Where exactly is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is based in the county of Wiltshire in England. It’s located fairly centrally in the South of the country even though it’s generally considered that it’s in the South West when talking about regions.

International Airports close to Stonehenge

Depending on where you’re traveling to in England from will dictate the best airport for you to get to Stonehenge.

If you’re traveling to see the stone circle as part of a larger UK trip then I recommend spending some time in London where you can get tours to the stones easily. Inner circle tours are well worth considering if you want a special trip to see Stonehenge!

Alternatively you could base yourself in Bath which is near Bristol and an amazing historic city (used in many period films and shows like Bridgerton).

Heathrow Airport

Distance to Stonehenge – 70 miles

Located approximately 70 miles (112 km) east of Stonehenge and on the outskirts of London, Heathrow is one of the busiest international airports in the world. It offers a wide range of international connections and is the closest major airport to Stonehenge.

Most people coming to the UK from North America and Asia will land at Heathrow. It’s also a popular layover airport as well. Thankfully it’s also fairly close to Stonehenge too!

Bristol Airport

Distance to Stonehenge – 53 miles

Situated around 53 miles (85 km) to the west of Stonehenge, Bristol Airport serves domestic and international flights, mostly to Europe.

It’s a smaller airport but offers a reasonable range of flight options and will bring you very close to Stonehenge for a trip to the stones.

If you’re originating in Europe or able to transit there then you may find a flight direct to Bristol.

Gatwick Airport

Located about 96 miles (155 km) east of Stonehenge, Gatwick is another major international airport in London and is well served for worldwide flights.

Gatwick lies south of London but since you don’t have to enter the city to get to Stonehenge it’s not that bad of a journey.

While it’s farther away from Stonehenge than Heathrow, it may still be considered as an option depending on your travel plans and what flights are available to you. Gatwick receives a lot of international flights from all over the world.

Southampton Airport

Approximately 33 miles (53 km) southeast of Stonehenge, Southampton Airport is actually the closest airport to Stonehenge. It’s rather small though and definitely not as well served as Heathrow!

Southampton provides domestic and limited international flights. Since it’s closer in proximity compared to the larger airports, it could make a convenient option for some.

tourists visiting Stonehenge in winter
People visiting Stonehenge on a winter morning

Best way to get to Stonehenge from the airports?

Stonehenge is situated in the English countryside so you have a couple of options on how to get there from the airport:

Group Tours

Most tours will depart from a point in the city nearby rather than the airport.

London is the main place where these happen although you could also pick up tours from Bristol, Bath or Southampton (many go from the port since Southampton is a cruise stop)

Check out the following tours:

Private Taxi or Tour

It’s worth enquiring with any local taxi firms whether they can offer you a trip to Stonehenge direct from the airport. If you’re short on time or just have a layover to fill then this could work well.

I couldn’t find many options for getting there privately from the airports and some I did find did have bad reviews so do check for those.

Look for private tours from London like this one – most will still pick you up from the airport or a hotel there.

Car Hire

Hiring a car in the UK to explore the countryside is a great idea if you’re not planning on being in London much (since the city is not the best place for driving!) and it’s perfect for driving to Stonehenge.

You can pick up a rental car from any of the main airports and head towards Stonehenge and you’ll get there in anything from an hour to 2 hours. There’s plenty of parking at the site but don’t forget to buy tickets in advance!

I always use DiscoverCars for getting a quote for car rental – they compare all the available companies!

You may also like to explore ways to see Stonehenge for free if you have your own transport!

Public Transport

Stonehenge is not the easiest place to get to by public transport. If you’re coming from any big cities then you’ll want to check details on getting to the nearest city which is Salisbury. From there you can get a bus direct to the stones.

I have a guide to how to get to Stonehenge from London and also getting to Stonehenge from Bath which may help with public transport ideas if you need those.

Basically Salisbury is served by train and bus so can be easy to get to in theory! From the city there is a regular bus that takes you to Stonehenge and you can spend as long as you like there.

It can be a long day though so I would definitely consider staying over in Salisbury if you do this – it’s a lovely city in any case! You can check out hotels in Salisbury here.

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Do I need insurance for traveling to England?

YES! I always recommend people take travel insurance when exploring the world!

Check Travel Insurance Master for quote comparisons from different providers.

Do I need a car for visiting England?

YES – If you’re wanting to explore England fully then a car is worthwhile. It will get you to all the small villages, countryside sights and all on your own timetable

I recommend DiscoverCars to compare car rental prices in England

How to book accommodation in England?

For hotels I recommend Booking.com

For apartments and cottages check out VRBO

Will my phone work in England?

Perhaps – it depends if you have roaming enabled and beware this can be an expensive way to use your phone.

If you need a SIM for use in the UK I recommend GiffGaff which you can get and set up before traveling.

What’s the best guidebook for England?

I really like the Lonely Planet Guidebooks

Where to get flights for England

Skyscanner is my first port of call for finding cheap flights to England.

Do I need a visa for England?

Many countries don’t need a visa for visiting England as tourists (USA, Canada, Aus, NZ and Europe) – it’s always best to check first though.

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