How to get from London to Stonehenge – easiest, cheapest and best ways to visit

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Stonehenge is one of the most popular sites in the world to visit, but being out in the countryside of England it’s not one of the easiest places to get to without some prior knowledge and planning. It’s unfortunately not quite as simple as walking up to a bus stop in London and getting on one to Stonehenge – I wish!

I’ve visited Stonehenge many times and written about it a lot on this blog. I love it that much! Since I get asked a lot about the best ways to get from London to Stonehenge I figured it warranted its own article.

If you’re already convinced you want to visit Stonehenge and just need the information on getting there from London then this article is for you.

How easy is it to get from London to Stonehenge

Stonehenge is less than 100 miles from the centre of London so although it seems like it’s a world away, it’s really doable for anyone who wants to make the trip.

Since Stonehenge is in the Wiltshire countryside the easiest and quickest way is always going to involve a car but if you don’t have your own transport, or don’t fancy tackling the British roads there are options that are available to you as well.

Stonehenge aerial view on a sunny day
It’s so much better than this picture – I promise!

Is Stonehenge worth the trip from London

I’ve always been adamant that Stonehenge is somewhere that is definitely worth a visit.

Now, if the question is whether it’s worth taking out some time from your London vacation then only you know the answer to that. I’m going to answer the question assuming you’re an overseas visitor and perhaps have only a small amount of time in the UK.

If you take a day trip to explore Stonehenge from London it will give you such a different perspective of England that you won’t get if you restrict yourself to just visiting the cities. You’ll travel through the countryside, no matter which option you go for, and get a taste of rural England.

The site of Stonehenge is really magical and no amount of pictures you see can really prepare you for how small you feel standing in the shadow of these giant stones.

Yes, I think you can say it’s worth it

Can you do Stonehenge in a day trip from London?

Yes, Stonehenge is easily done in a day trip from London, especially if you start your trip early. If you have any time to spare I definitely recommend perhaps staying over in the area and exploring some of the other attractions near Stonehenge too.

Driving to Stonehenge by car – the easiest option

If you have a car then the easiest option is probably going to be to simply drive to Stonehenge. It’s just under 2 hours to drive from the centre of London so it might be slightly more or less depending on where you’re based around the city.

If you are driving then once you’re out of London it’s a simple motorway journey along the M3 and then onto the A303. All of these are major roads so you shouldn’t find driving difficult. Parking is plentiful at Stonehenge.

The benefit with driving is that you are free to stop and see other sights nearby and really make the most of the day on your own schedule.

You could also get a private taxi/shuttle to Stonehenge – they do come at a price but if you value your private time then it could be a great way to see the stones. Check out Viator for some options.

If travelling to Stonehenge from London yourself you’ll also need to arrange an admission ticketyou can get them here.

UK visitors might want to consider English Heritage membership – well worth it if you might go to other heritage sites and your Stonehenge visit will be free – join here.

Overseas visitors can get a pass that covers Stonehenge and some other sites too that might work well and save you some money – check it out here.

tips for visiting stonehenge

Organised Tours and day trips to Stonehenge – the cheapest way?

The next easiest way, although not particularly everyone’s style of travelling, is an organised tour. Many tours to Stonehenge from London are available and if you wanted you could also add in visits to other popular attractions too.

Even if you’re on a budget it’s worth considering these tours as many can be as cost effective as doing the trip yourself and of course you lose any of the headaches of having to arrange it too.

The simplest option is to do a Half Day tour from London. This is cheaper than doing it by train unless you book trains well in advance when you might get discounts. The downside is that it simply takes you there and back you can’t take advantage of any nearby attractions.

What other options are there? How about taking in Windsor Castle? The wonderful Georgian architecture of Bath or maybe you’d like to explore Avebury, another ancient site in England?

Day Trips and Tours to consider from London

Stonehenge and Bath – full day
Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath – full day tour
Stonehenge, Stratford Upon Avon, Bath and Cotswolds
Avebury and Stonehenge

One other thing that makes tours an attractive option is that you can often get special tours that allow you to get closer to the stones, something you can’t do normally. Check this option out.

Stonehenge on a grey day

How to get from London to Stonehenge by train

Getting to Stonehenge by train from London is the easiest public transport option but you’ll have to change in Salisbury and get a bus to finally reach the stones.

The best train to get is the Great Western Railway from Waterloo Train Station to Salisbury which takes 1 hour and 30 mins. There are several trains a day.

I recommend choosing an Anytime Return ticket which costs around £50. This will allow you to travel on any train in the day and means that you are flexible in your return times.

If you want to save some money you can get advance tickets or off peak returns but they generally are only for a specific train time and can restrict your day.

Tickets are easiest to check and get on – I use this site regularly and can recommend it.

The price for getting to Stonehenge by train from London is around £66:

Train – £50.00
Bus – £16.00 for the bus only or £33 including Stonehenge Admission

Example trip

This is very relaxed day trip by train allowing 4 hours at Stonehenge which should be plenty and also having 4 hours in Salisbury too. You might not need as long to explore:


8.20am Leave London Waterloo
9.50am Arrive in Salisbury
10.00am Take ‘Stonehenge Tour’ bus
10.40am Arrive at Stonehenge


2.43pm Bus to Salisbury
3.15pm Salisbury

Explore Salisbury and have a meal there perhaps before getting a train back to Waterloo

7.21pm Train to Waterloo
9.00pm Arrive in London Waterloo

These times were accurate as at 2022 – please do check in advance as trains and bus schedules change

Getting to Stonehenge from London by bus

Finally we’re looking at getting there by bus. This is most definitely not an easy or quick option however I’m including it here so you can see the different method.

Unfortunately there are no buses that go direct from London to Salisbury, the nearest city. You’ll need to get a bus to Bournemouth (National Express) and then get a bus from there to Salisbury (X3 – morebus). Then from Salisbury you can get the Stonehenge Tour bus to the stones.

It takes around 4 hours by bus so while doable it’s not really a method I’d recommend to anyone wishing to do a day trip.

The price for getting to Stonehenge by bus from London is around £56:

National Express ticket – £30 approx
Local bus ticket – £9.20
Stonehenge Tour bus – £16

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