Bridgerton Locations in Bath – 8 amazing sites to visit

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Bridgerton is one of the most popular shows that have come out of Netflix in recent years being a kind of colourful and racy version of Jane Austen’s stories! With cobbled streets, imposing buildings and places to have balls the city of Bath was a perfect choice to film some of the scenes of the show!

Bath is a wonderful city that oozes that Georgian and Regency style – when I was wandering around I could just imagine myself back in time there! Bonnet on my head and walking with my sisters to buy ribbons or get a new dress! Yes there are cars and all manner of modern shops around you but the buildings just transport you to this wonderful period!

If you’re at all a fan of period dramas then the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath has to be on your radar as a place to visit and especially if you love Bridgerton as much as I do! Let’s take a look at some of the Bridgerton Locations in Bath for you to search out on your visit:

Bridgerton Locations in Bath

The Bridgerton series is actually set in London, and some parts are filmed in Greenwich there (another of my favourite places in England!). There are a lot of Bridgerton sites in Bath though that fit seamlessly with the show and make you feel like you’re in London a couple of hundred years ago!

Royal Crescent lady featherington house in bath
The Featherington Residence is actually No. 1 Royal Crescent in Bath

Royal Crescent

Bridgerton filming location: Featherington Residence

The first place to visit on a Bridgerton tour of Bath is the Royal Crescent and if you approach from the right you’ll spot Number 1 which is the Featherington’s Residence and an impressive facade at the end of the terrace of houses.

The Royal Crescent is one of the most upmarket addresses in Bath and when you’re here you can really feel that. It feels rich, it feels opulent and because you’re away from the very centre of town it feels quiet and exclusive as well.

In Bridgerton, the Royal Crescent is supposed to be London’s Grosvenor Square in Mayfair – again, an exclusive address!

If you want to stay in this part of Bath and really feel like you’re part of the Gentry then the central building of the crescent is even a hotel – one of the most luxurious and up market ones in the city! (and the bar is high!)

holburne museum in bath lady danbury house
Lady Danbury’s Residence – can you imagine the carriages pulling up outside?

Holburne Museum

Bridgerton filming location: Lady Danbury’s Residence

Lady Danbury is one of Bridgerton’s most powerful women and as such she has a home that befits her high status. This home is actually located in Bath and is the Holburne Museum.

While only being shown occasionally in season 1, the house became more prominent in season 2 of Bridgerton.

The outside has a wonderful facade of columns and is an incredibly impressive building. It looks just right for someone of Lady Danbury’s stature!

This is also a good place to come if your interest extends to Jane Austen as when she lived in Bath (her house is just across from the museum) she would often take walks in the Sydney Pleasure Gardens which are located behind the museum.

bridgerton locations in bath modiste
Modiste is the dress shop in Bridgerton tv series – in reality it’s a cafe near Bath Abbey

Abbey Green

Bridgerton filming location: Modiste’s Dress Shop

This street, just by the Roman baths and the abbey, is a wonderful little area that has a completely different feel to some of the grand and wide streets in the city.

Abbey Green is home to some wonderful small shops with beautiful and ornate windows – one of which was used in Bridgerton as the filming location for Modiste, the dress shop in the tv show.

This is where the ladies of Bridgerton would gather to get their new ball gowns made and also a place where they could gossip away from the men!

Now this is The Abbey Deli, but it has been a few different names over the years- you may hear some people call it Pickled Greens which it has been in the past. You can have afternoon tea here – a perfect Bridgerton activity!

Bath Street bridgerton filming location
The end of Bath Street

Bath Street

Bridgerton filming location: walking and outdoor street scenes

Bath street is just across from the Roman baths and it was used in many scenes where the characters are walking outdoors. The street is lined with these columns and and a walkway underneath.

You might have seen the Duke riding his horse down this street as other extras walk in the background.

(Image above is the corner of Bath Street – you can see the columns and grand buildings!)

Beauford Square

Bridgerton filming location: outdoors where Penelope and Eloise walk

This square was used as one of the locations when Penelope and Eloise would walk together and chat about things they weren’t sure of – like how a lady came to ‘be with child’. Ah the innocence of Bridgerton and the Regency period!

You can see the railings that they walked alongside and the street is a small and quiet one where you can imagine carriages trundling along.

Trim Street

Bridgerton filming location: Gunter’s Tea Shop

Bath is just overflowing with original shopfronts with stunning windows and you’ll find another such example on Trim Street which is just along from Beaufort Square.

This is the Bridgerton filming location of Gunter’s Tea shop and one of the iconic scenes in season one…

Yup, Gunter’s Tea shop is where Daphne and Simon have tea and the Duke decides to be ever so flirty with a spoon! Daphne doesn’t quite know where to put herself!

Also – did you know that Gunter’s Tea Shop was actually a real life London place in Berkeley Square? It would have been frequented by those upper class people like in Bridgerton as well!

You can even choose to stay in the building above the tea house, although in real life it’s actually a hair salon nowadays! (The Street View above is a little old)

Bath Guildhall & Bath Assembly rooms

Bridgerton filming location: inside ball scenes

There were many ball scenes in Bridgerton so as you can imagine there are a wide variety of filming locations used for them all. In Bath there were two places – Bath Guildhall and the Assembly Rooms.

You should be able to ask to visit the Banqueting rooms of the Guildhall and if they aren’t being used you may be able to look around. The latter is a National Trust property but is currently closed.

Royal Crescent Hotel Bath
Royal Crescent Hotel – perfect for a Bridgerton themed trip!

Where to stay in Bath for a Bridgerton break

If you’re looking to have a break in Bath and explore all of these Bridgerton sights while you’re there then you’ll want to choose the perfect hotel for the experience.

Bath has a number of amazing hotels but for a regency style break I recommend taking a look at the following hotels:

And if you’re looking to get to Bath from London then be assured that it’s super easy!

Bridgerton walking tours

If you want to get the lowdown on where Bridgerton filmed in Bath then a walking tour is a good idea. You’ll be taken around the city by other Bridgerton fans Andean indulge in all the sights to see!

A walking tour like this one will show you everything and you’ll get a good overview of Bath as well!

FAQ about Bridgerton in Bath, England

If you have any further questions about the Bridgerton filming locations in Bath, hopefully this section will answer them…

Why did they film Bridgerton in Bath?

While Bridgerton is set in London, the real life buildings in the capital are not quite as they would have been in Regency England. Bath has many more buildings that are suited to how London would have looked at the time.

Where is Featherington House in Bath?

The Featherington’s opulent house is actually Number 1 Royal Crescent which is in the city of Bath. The end facade of the curved terraced street was used as the exterior of their home which was supposed to be located in Mayfair, London.

Where is Lady Danbury’s House?

The house used for Lady Dabury’s residence in Bridgerton is actually a museum called the Holburne Museum in the city of Bath, England.

Is Bridgerton set in Bath?

Bridgerton is set around the streets of London in the Regency period (early 1800s). While much of it was filmed in the city of Bath, the streets there stand in for London.

Some characters do go to Bath, it was a popular place for people to go to at the time.

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