27 Majestic and Royal things to do in London

Royal Things to do in London

It’s hard not to think about Royalty when visiting London. It’s everywhere you look and you sometimes can’t walk without tripping over something royal! It’s one thing that defines the UK and there’s certainly something for everyone who might be interested in the Royal Family whether that’s the current lot or the characters from history! … Read more

The 7 best World War 2 tours in London (2023) – learn about Churchill & the Blitz!

A Statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square which can be seen on many WW2 tours in London

World War 2 in London gives images of the Blitz, barrage balloons in the sky and buildings in ruins. Thankfully London isn’t like that now, but there’s still a lot that you can see in the area, especially in the centre of the city. While I’ve been to Westminster countless times, I don’t often think … Read more

Romantic overnight train trips: UK based journeys to swoon over!

Waverley Station in edinburgh is the destination of many romantic overnight train trips from London

Can you imagine having a romantic meal in London, perhaps then seeing a show and then whisking away your partner to another part of the UK on a gorgeous overnight train? Swoon! I love train travel in the UK and find the slow, meandering pace romantic in its own right. But overnight trains are something … Read more