6 Big Ben view hotels – where to get the perfect view overlooking Westminster

Imagine waking up to the hustle and bustle of London buzzing around your feet. You draw the curtains and see Big Ben staring at you and enticing you out on to the streets to explore all that the city has to offer!

London always holds a special place in my heart and every time we go I *have* to get a glimpse of Big Ben, the River Thames and the London Eye – it just makes me feel like we’ve arrived!

If you’re looking for hotels with a view of Big Ben you’re probably aiming for a London vacation that’s just a little bit on the special side with memories made from the moment you wake up and open your curtains.

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Not got time to read about all six hotels?

Our top choice for a hotel with a view of Big Ben is the London Marriott – County Hall which is an ideal position right on Westminster Bridge and next to the London Eye.

Check out the Big Ben Guest Room!

I’m going to be highlighting 6 Big Ben view hotels in this post – and not all super expensive either, there’s a little bit of a price difference going on! Read on for my recommendations to get that amazing view of Big Ben from your hotel in London.

A note from the writer: Hey! I’m Kirsty and I’m a London travel expert – after being so many times over the years I keep returning! Shout (or comment below) if you have any questions about your next trip and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Top 2 Picks: London hotels with a Big Ben view

#1 Top Pick

London Marriot County Hall Hotel with Big Ben View

County Hall Marriott

✓ Right by Westminster Bridge
✓ Walkable to many sights
✓ Indoor Pool & Gym

#2 Pick

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel near Big Ben

Park Plaza – Westminster Bridge

✓ Ideal location
✓ Award winning Brasserie
✓ Good choice of rooms with a view

View of Big Ben from Southbank where many hotels are situated

6 gorgeous hotels overlooking Big Ben in London

All of these hotels have Big Ben views but note that not all of hotel rooms will have the perfect view you might have in mind. If you’re wanting that special vista you’ll need to either make sure it states Big Ben view when booking or request it direct from the hotel.

The first 3 options are my top picks and you have a few different room options within each hotel. The last 3 are a little further away and to get the special views you’ll want to upgrade to the rooms with a view – they are iconic hotels though so might be worth considering!

Where applicable I’ve stated which rooms to look out for and a price guide as well although this may well change through the seasons.

London Marriot County Hall Hotel with Big Ben View

1. London Marriott Hotel – County Hall

This is our top choice of hotel for a Big Ben view! While the image above might not give you a clue to the location – if you turned around you’d be looking directly over Westminster Bridge to Big Ben! 

The County Hall is owned by Marriott, so it’s one of the more top end chains which means you get everything you need for your stay in London.

It’s located right on Southbank in the old County Hall building and directly next to the London Eye. In regards to locations for enjoying central London you really can’t get any better! You have a variety of food options and restaurants on your doorstep as well as the London Eye, Aquarium, Dungeon and many many more attractions.

London County Hall and London Eye
The building here is called County Hall and it has lots of businesses there – it is where my favourite Big Ben view hotel is as well!

Which rooms to book?  If you want a Big Ben view you’ll need to make sure that you book it as some of the rooms overlook different areas.

You can go for the Big Ben View Guest Room (King) or a number of suites – Balcony, River Thames or Westminster suites are ones to look for.

Big Ben view rooms from around £400 per night.
Check rates for the London Marriott County Hall hotel

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel near Big Ben

2. Park Plaza -Westminster Bridge

Next up we have the Park Plaza hotel which is situated opposite Big Ben on the other side of Westminster Bridge. It’s not far from the County Hall option above so still great if being near Big Ben is important.

Again, the location here is perfect and you can watch as the crowds descend around Westminster Bridge from the comfort of your hotel room!

The views from these rooms are probably what you have in mind when looking for a hotel overlooking Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament – they have a huge variety of different ones available too, both rooms and suites so good for all budgets. It’s also one I suggest for families looking for cheap London hotels.

Which rooms to book?  this is a large hotel with many rooms – if you want to have a Big Ben view then you’ll need to make sure you book the right one!

The Studio Room – Big Ben View is the best value room available and there’s also a King Studio available too.

There are also a number of suites you can choose as well, you may need to specify which view you want as some may give a London Eye view:

One Bedroom Suite – Big Ben View
Two Bedroom Suite
Duplex Suite
Presidential Suite

Big Ben view rooms from around £350 per night
Check rates for the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

3. Park Plaza – County Hall

Another Park Plaza hotel and just round the corner from the Westminster one I’ve just mentioned is the Park Plaza County Hall.

You’re in the right place to wander along Southbank at night and see Big Ben and the London Eye all lit up, all within a short walk from your hotel.

Not all the rooms have good views with this hotel, but the location is still top notch.

Which rooms to book?  this hotel is a little further back from the river so to get a Big Ben view you’ll want one of the Penthouse suites.

Thankfully these are still quite reasonably priced compared to some of London’s luxury hotels and you get space AND a view! They can be a good option if you’re travelling with kids or teens in London and need more room.

Big Ben view rooms from around £600 per night
Check rates for the Park Plaza County Hall 

Savoy hotel in London

4. The Savoy

Fo a super special break then I highly recommend checking out the 5-star Savoy Hotel on The Strand.  It’s an imposing building and has a tonne of history and tradition oozing from it.

Firmly in the upper price bracket this is a perfect hotel for a romantic getaway or a special trip.  Your room will be the upmost luxury, you’ll experience an amazing service and the views will be spectacular too.

You’re not quite on the river so Big Ben might be a little farther away than you might want, but really when you’re at the Savoy the view is just one part of it. The experience and luxury is what most people go for!

Which rooms to book?  You’ll need to book something with a River View to get Big Ben views. The Luxury King River View room is one to look for as well as some of the River View suites.

You may wish to double check if your room overlooks Big Ben as some may only get a view of the London Eye and Southbank.

Big Ben view rooms from around £1200 per night
Check rates for The Savoy Hotel

5. Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Park Lane is one of the most prestigious addresses in London and some of the hotels around here are the height of luxury.

You’re in luck as well if you would like a view of Westminster and Big Ben from your hotel room as some of the options in this hotel have this. It’s a little further away from the area but a good option to be close to Buckingham Palace and the West End if theatre shows are on your agenda.

Which rooms to book?  You’ll want to get a room with a view of Westminster. You’ll see many sights from there – nothing up close but Big Ben will be there!

Big Ben (Westminster) view rooms from £950
Check rates for the Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

6. Shangri La at The Shard

Finally, if you’re looking for not only Big Ben views but views of the whole skyline of the city then it might be worth heading skywards!

The Shangri La Hotel at the Shard has unrivalled views over the River Thames and towards Big Ben. You’ll be able to see the sun setting over Westminster and enjoy it all from the height of luxury!

Not only that but you’ll get views of Tower Bridge, right into the Tower of London and towards other London landmarks like The Gherkin building.

Which rooms to book?  You’ll want to get rooms that have a city view but northwards such as their Premier View City Room

Castle view rooms from around £800 per night
Check rates for the Shangri La The Shard

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Do I need insurance for traveling to London?

YES! I always recommend people take travel insurance when exploring the world!

Check Travel Insurance Master for quote comparisons from different providers.

Do I need a car for visiting London?

NO – If you’re just visiting London then a car is not recommended and can be more of a hindrance than a help.

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How to book accommodation in London?

For hotels I recommend Booking.com

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Will my phone work in London?

Perhaps – it depends if you have roaming enabled and beware this can be an expensive way to use your phone.

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What’s the best guidebook for London?

I really like the Lonely Planet Guidebooks

Where to get flights for London

Expedia is my first port of call for finding cheap flights to London.

Do I need a visa for London?

Many countries don’t need a visa for visiting England as tourists (USA, Canada, Aus, NZ and Europe) – it’s always best to check first though.

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