10 Royal Family gifts – present ideas for British Monarchy fans

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We all know someone who is obsessed with the Royal Family don’t we? Someone who watches all the big occasions and perhaps who shed a tear in 2022 when the Queen died. If so, have you thought about a Royal family themed gift for them? I bet it would go down well!

Whether they love all things British history and are a bit of an anglophile, or whether they just love the drama and gossip around Harry & Meghan there’s bound to be something that will suit them down to the ground and get them dreaming about a London trip to visit ALL the Royal Palaces!

royal family gifts
For those always dreaming of visiting Royal Sites in London like Buckingham Palace these are perfect gifts!

Let’s take a look at some ideas of Royal Family gifts for the obsessed Royal fan in your life…

Top 10 Royal Family Gift ideas:

1. Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend Tea

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It’s well known how the Royals love their tea and there’s nothing more British than settling down with a cuppa but if you want something a little special as a gift for your Royal fan then this royal blend by the Fortnum & Mason chain is perfect.

It’s loose tea so it’s perfect for using with a teapot for that Afternoon Tea experience or with an individual tea strainer (I like the strainers like this).

Fortnum and Mason are an iconic British brand and they made a blend of tea after a request from King Edward VII in the early 1900s and the result is the Royal Blend which is what you’ll find here!

2. Commemorative Shortbread

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If you want to have a nice biscuit to go with your Royal Blend tea then some traditional Scottish shortbread made by Walkers is an excellent choice – they’ve made shortbread for the Royal Family for years!

It’s a well known brand in Scotland and you’ll be sure of wonderfully rich buttery examples of this Scottish treat.

What makes this an excellent gift is that it’s presented in a beautiful commemorative tin like this one which was designed for King Charles’s coronation. The tin will be useful way past when the shortbread has been long gone!

3. Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Coin

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Memorial coins from the Royal Mint are a wonderful gift for any Royal fan and a lovely collectable item.

This one is a £5 coin that was uncirculated and it commemorates the life of Queen Elizabeth II being minted after she died in 2022.

It’s legal tender so in theory you could always deposit in a British Bank, but £5 coins aren’t used really so you might find it difficult! Perhaps best to keep as a souvenir!

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4. Princess Diana ‘Black Sheep’ design t-shirt

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Princess Diana famously wore a red jumper with lots of white sheep on it and then also just one being a black sheep – perhaps a dig at her being different?

If you’re a fan of Diana then the next best thing to buying the recreation of her jumper would be this clever t-shirt which has a similar design and can be worn year round. Perfect for summer and warm climates!

5. Royal Stewart Tartan Wool Picnic Blanket

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Did you know that the red tartan you can see on the blanket above is actually a Royal Tartan and is the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. (want to know more tartan facts?)

You can’t escape this popular tartan design and it’s available as a traditional kilt, scarves, picnic blankets like the one above and even lovely capes like this. Perfect for a trip to the UK to see all the Royal Sites!

Often using traditional materials like British Wool these make really useful gifts that are a little more subtle with the nod to the monarchy.

6. Queen Elizabeth II Jigsaw

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This puzzle will be great for anyone who enjoys sitting down on an evening with something to occupy their minds and has the added bonus of having the wonderful coronation image of the Queen as its subject.

With 1000 pieces this is suitable for adults as well as older children and will likely keep you busy for many hours.

7. Queenie the Corgi

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The cute little Corgi dog became synonymous with the Royal Family as Queen Elizabeth would often be seen with them running at her feet.

This plush Corgi dog even has the name ‘Queenie’ in reference to the Royal connection and it would make a lovely addition to a Royal collection or for a young fan of the monarchy.

It’s a perfect fun gift for the Royal Fan that has everything else!

8. Lego Buckingham Palace

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For those who are big on the Royal Palaces then a lego set like this one is a great idea and something just a little different.

While Buckingham Palace is rather large, the lego set isn’t! Since it’s not a huge set don’t be worried that it would look out of place on a shelf – it’s small, won’t take a long time to build and will still look amazing when done.

The set shows the palace, the Queen Victoria memorial outside and an iconic London bus too!

9. English Royalty Mug

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Can you name all the Kings and Queen’s in England’s history? I know I’d struggle!

For the Royalty fan who loves history, a bit of trivia and showing off what they know this would be an ideal mug for them as it features every single monarch in England’s history (doesn’t include Scotland’s kings before they merged – that would be a large mug!)

The mug doesn’t have a handle so it’s good for cold drinks as well as hot!

10. The Queen – A Life in Pictures

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Coffee table books make wonderful gifts and for the person in your like who adored Queen Elizabeth this one which documents her whole life in pictures is ideal.

From when she was a Princess in WW2 all the way through to her later years this book is a treasure trove of information and wonderful images.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for Royal Family gifts and that if you have a fan of British Royalty in your life that it’s sparked some creative thoughts when it comes to gift giving!

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