15 epic Outlander sites in Scotland you can visit in 2024

If watching Outlander has given you a push to explore Scotland, perhaps in a quest to find a real life Jamie Fraser or just to wallow in the romantic scenery that the books and tv series inspire then you’ll be wanting to know all about the Outlander sites in Scotland that you can visit.

The Outlander locations are all over Scotland so no matter where you base yourself when visiting the country you’ll be able to fit some in.

I was a fan of the Outlander books when they came out, having been urged to read them by my mum, and loved the tv series too (sadly I still have some to watch – I should get on to that!).

I love that it’s ignited a passion in some travellers to Scotland to see some of the history, filming locations and soak in that scenery that is so prevalent. I mean, I love Scotland but if it takes a popular tv series to fire up others so be it!

A note from the writer: Hey! I’m Kirsty and I’m a UK travel expert – while I grew up in Scotland, as an adult I now return to visit almost every year – there’s so much to see! Shout (or comment below) if you have any questions about your next trip and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Falkland village in Fife which is an Outlander site in Scotland

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Some of the sites in this post are actual Outlander filming locations for the tv series and some are simply sites that are either mentioned in the books or were inspiration to Diana Gabaldon when writing.

As the stories took place in the time of the Jacobite Rising many of these Outlander places to visit in Scotland are actually real historical sites.

Outlander fans visiting Scotland should definitely look to add some to your itineraries though!

Outlander tours in Scotland

If you want to see as many of these sites as possible in a limited time then it’s worth checking out some Outlander tours where you’ll be escorted to lots of these locations and often with a knowledgeable fan showing you it all. Check these out if you don’t fancy sorting your own itinerary:

Map of Outlander Locations

So you can get a feel for where these Outlander sights in Scotland are here’s a map of them:

Outlander sites in Edinburgh and nearby

Since most people start their Scotland trips in the capital city of Edinburgh it makes sense to start here in our quest for Outlander filming locations and sites. Most are just outside the city and can be reached by public transport or as part of an organised tour.

Museum of Edinburgh and walkway through to Bakehouse Close

1. Bakehouse Close

In Edinburgh itself, and while exploring the Royal Mile attractions in the Old Town head off behind the Museum of Edinburgh to find Bakehouse Close. This is on of many old streets that you can wander down and get a sense of how Edinburgh looked in years gone by. There’s a real character to the place and as you’re starting to get away from the castle, it’s a little quieter to the top of the Royal Mile.

Bakehouse Close was used in the filming of season 3 when Claire is reunited with Jamie at his print shop. Tweedale Close, further up the Royal Mile by John Knox House is also worth checking out and was used as a market place in season 3 & 4.

Check out – Outlander walking tour

craigmillar castle in edinburgh scotland

2. Craigmillar Castle

Still in the city of Edinburgh, and a nearby castle that many people overlook in their quest to see the main one! Craigmillar Castle is medieval and was built in the 1300s – well before the time of Jamie and the Frasers. It’s an easy one to visit from Edinburgh as it’s well serviced by buses.

In the Outlander TV series Craigmillar Castle was used as a prison in season 3.

Midhope castle which was used for Lallybroch in Outlander tv show

3. Hopetoun House & Midhope Castle

Not far from the centre of Edinburgh is Midhope Castle which sits with the Hopetoun Estate. Outlander fans will know this cute castle as Lallybroch which was the home of the Jamie Fraser.

The stately home was also used in the filming of Outlander and provided the home of the Duke of Sandringham in season 1.

You can visit both but the small Midhope Castle is on the outskirts of the estate and you need to purchase a separate ticket. You can’t go inside Midhope either as it’s a ruin – the interior wasn’t used for filming. Check out their site here if you want to visit. It’s often a part of Outlander tours as well.

View of the exterior of Linlithgow Palace near Edinburgh

4. Linlithgow Palace

This stunning ruin of a palace was actually the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. It’s perhaps not as palatial as the name might have you think but it’s a really interesting place to visit. You can climb to the top of the palace and get great views from all around as well and there’s plenty of outdoor space for a picnic.

In the Outlander tv series Linlithgow Palace was used as Wentworth prison where Jamie was held in season 1.

Blackness Castle on banks of the Firth of Forth in Scotland near Edinburgh

5. Blackness Castle

Again, not far from Edinburgh and overlooking the Firth of Forth is Blackness Castle. It dates back to the 15th century and was used as a garrison and prison over the years. It’s quite imposing but looks even better with the backdrop of the Forth Bridges in the background too.

Blackness Castle was used as the location for Fort William where Jack Randall was based in season 1.

Outlander sites in Fife and central Scotland

Let’s head just ever so slightly north over into Fife and Central Scotland (my old stomping ground) to visit some of the best filming locations for Outlander.

Visiting Culross in Scotland you'll see historic houses like these that were used in Outlander as Cranesmuir

6. Culross

The small ‘Outlander village’ of Culross is one I’ve visited a lot over the years and always loved it. It has such a wonderful feel to it, an immense history and some great views over the water too. You can explore the cobbled streets and admire the quirky buildings that are still around in this village where it feels like time has stopped!

Culross was used as Cranesmuir, the village in seasons 1 and 2 where Geillis Duncan lived. It was also used as Claire’s herb garden at Castle Leoch.

As if that wasn’t enough, a house in Culross was used as Balriggan Cottage in season 4 was which was the home of Laoghaire and her daughter Joan .

Falkland village in Fife which is an Outlander site in Scotland

7. Falkland

This is a gorgeous wee village and quite typical of many of Scotland’s small towns with small houses around a monument in the centre. For many it’s now an iconic view that reminds them of the beginning of that amazing series.

Falkland was the scene of 1940s Inverness and where the tv series starts as Claire goes on holiday there. If you want the ultimate Outlander experience you might even want to stay at the Covenanter Hotel and look out for Jamie’s ghost! It will book up early so check if it’s available here.

Doune Castle near Stirling surrounded by trees and next to river

8. Doune Castle

Each year goes by and another iconic tv series or film seems to use Doune Castle as its location. It’s been in Outlander, Game of Thrones and Outlaw King but many people will know it from the old classic Monty Python! It’s situated near Stirling and on the edge of the Trossachs, a beautiful area that’s well worth exploring if you can.

Doune Castle in this iteration was Castle Leoch which was home to Colum MacKenzie in Season 1 of Outlander. It was also where Claire took a visit to

Outlander sites in Inverness and the Highlands

The Highlands of Scotland are a great place to learn about the Jacobite rising and see some sites that are related to Outlander. Not so much was filmed here but there is much to see for fans.

Clan Fraser marker at Culloden Battlefield

9. Culloden Battlefield

The Battle of Culloden is something that Claire knew all about as she found herself in the past. She also knew it didn’t end well for the clans.

Culloden Moor battlefield is an easy day trip from Inverness as it’s located just outside the city. The battlefield is a solemn place to come and think about the lives lost here, much of them from Scottish clans. If you want to know more about the history of the battle then the visitors centre is great to learn more and ask questions – the history can be complicated but they do a great job of explaining the lead up to it all and what happened.

For Outlander fans you’ll want to look out for the Clan Fraser marker. Do remember that it’s a scene of loss and a burial site – not the place for selfies.

standing stones at clava cairns
Standing stones at Clava Cairns

10. Clava Cairns

Almost directly around the corner from Culloden Battlefield is one of Scotland’s ancient sites that is also one of the inspirations for Craigh Na Dun, the stone circle that Claire visits and takes her back in time.

Clava Cairns consists of circular burial cairns that you can walk around as well as many standing stones. There’s even a cleft stone that looks like it’s been split – just like in the books!

While there isn’t an exact place for the Outlander stones in the series – they made their own stone circle – this one is a great option especially since it’s so close to Culloden.

11. Fort George

Fort George was built after the Battle of Culloden and as a consequence of it. It was used as a base for the army and would show the strength of the English after the battle and to squash any further attempts of an uprising. You can learn about the history of the place, including what life was like for soldiers there.

It’s really not far at all from Inverness, Culloden and Clava Cairns so it makes sense to include a visit if you can. Look out for dolphins from the ramparts!

12. Highland Folk museum

On the A9 at Newtonmore, south of Inverness is a really good and interesting museum that is well worth a visit. Not only can you learn about Highland life in the time of Outlander, but it was also a filming location too!

With replicas of the kinds of houses that highlanders on crofts lived in it was used to film any scenes like that including in season one when rent was being collected by Dougal.

Other Outlander Sites in Scotland worth visiting

These sites will complement any Outlander fan’s trip, especially if the history of the time is of interest.

Callanish Standing Stones on Isle of Lewis

13. Callanish

A visit to the standing stones of Callanish isn’t just something you can tack on to a trip around some Outlander sites because it takes a much more determined person to travel to it. It’s located on one of Scotland’s islands, in the Outer Hebrides on the Isle of Lewis.

Like Clava Cairns, it was one of the inspirations for Craigh Na Dun and is one of Scotland’s most impressive stone circles. If you want to feel the magic of Outlander then this has to be worth adding to your list!

view of glenfinnan monument in Scotland
Glenfinnan Monument and loch in the background – just stunning!

14. Glenfinnan

To the west of Fort William is a beautiful spot that is rather more famous for another book lately but has a lot to offer for fans of Outlander too.

Glenfinnan brings tourists looking for a glimpse of the steam train going over the viaduct – yes the Harry Potter train – but look the other way and you’ll see a towering monument.

This monument marks the place where Bonnie Prince Charlie came ashore and from where the Jacobite rising really began, eight months before the Battle of Culloden. There’s a great little museum here too that I recommend spending some time in. The top of the monument gives stunning views around too!

glencoe landscape

15. Glencoe

Finally we have the wonderful Glencoe which I always suggest as a place to visit for those who haven’t been to the Highlands. It’s a stunning place to walk and explore for anyone but for people interested in Outlander and clan history it also has something else to offer.

Glencoe has a gruesome history and it’s where there was massacre of the MacDonald Clan. It’s a long and complicated history but they apparently were too slow to pledge allegiance to William of Orange, the king who took over after James VII of Scotland was deposed. It was a precursor to much of the events of the Jacobite Rising and the clans fighting against the English.

The scenery might be familiar to those who watched the TV show as it was used in the opening credits.

FAQs about Scottish Outlander Locations

Is Lallybroch a real place in Scotland?

Lallybroch itself is a fictional location but the filming location for the TV series is Midhope Castle just outside Edinburgh

Does Craigh na Dun exist?

Craigh na Dun is a fictional stone circle from the books by Diana Gabaldon. Many people think that it has been inspired by some real stone circles such as Clava Cairns near Inverness and Callanish in the Outer Hebrides.

Can you visit the castles in Outlander?

You can visit a lot of the castles used in the filming of Outlander. The following are all open to the public:

* Doune Castle
* Midhope Castle
* Blackness Castle
* Linlithgow Palace

Where is the bed and breakfast in Outlander?

Mrs Baird’s Bed & Breakfast was located in Inverness from the 1940s but was actually filmed in a small town in Fife, Scotland called Falkland.

You can actually stay here and imagine being Claire – it’s a real life hotel called the Covenanter Hotel!

What castle was used as Lallybroch in Outlander

The exterior shots used for Lallybroch in Outlander is Midhope Castle which is located just outside Edinburgh in Scotland.

The interior of Lallybroch was filmed in a studio – the actual castle is derelict inside.

Outlander spots in Scotland – conclusion

There are so many spots used in Outlander that you can actually visit – no matter where you visit in the country you can see something from the tv show!

Which Outlander attraction Scotland is on your Bucket List? Let me know in the comments!

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Do I need insurance for traveling to Scotland?

YES! I always recommend people take travel insurance when exploring the world!

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Do I need a car for visiting Scotland?

YES – If you’re wanting to explore Scotland fully then a car is worthwhile. It will get you to all the best sights and on your own timetable

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How to book accommodation in Scotland?

For hotels I recommend Booking.com

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Will my phone work in Scotland?

Perhaps – it depends if you have roaming enabled and beware this can be an expensive way to use your phone.

If you need a SIM for use in Scotland I recommend GiffGaff which you can get and set up before traveling.

What to pack for Scotland

Keep yourself dry be prepared for any weather is my motto for Scotland! A rain jacket and comfy shoes are a must.

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Do I need midge spray for Scotland?

YES – if you’re traveling in the summer months to any of the west coast, highlands, islands or lochs it’s recommended.

Locals swear by Avon’s Skin So Soft!

If you’re sticking to the cities or traveling in winter, early spring or late fall then you likely won’t need it.

What’s the best guidebook for Scotland?

I really like the Lonely Planet Guidebooks

Where to get flights for Scotland

Skyscanner is my first port of call for finding cheap flights to Scotland.

Do I need a visa for Scotland?

Many countries don’t need a visa for visiting Scotland as tourists (USA, Canada, Aus, NZ and Europe) – it’s always best to check first though.

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