Will kids remember travel? Is it worth it?

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We’re taking a year off from the rat race along side our kids so you can probably guess that I do think that travel is going to be worth it for our kids.  But really, and especially in the case of younger kids, will they remember it?  And if they won’t then is it worth it?

So, will they remember?

I am always constantly amazed at what my son remembers, he’s like an elephant!  He especially remembers things when they are connected to foods he’s enjoyed and he still mentions the ice cream parlour we went to while in Tenerife all of 6 years ago now.  Apparantly he had butterscotch flavour!  😉

Kids travelling - sat on red outdoor sofa
Little kids travelling – but do they remember it?

And who can forget the experience of trying new foods?  Here is Marcus before tucking into a battered Mars Bar in Edinburgh on a city break we took.  A perfect experience if travelling to Scotland with kids!

Child smiling with food
Aged 7 and trying new sweet ideas!

Alex is more a people person and she remembers all the times she’s made friends, even when she was very little.  She always wants to return to the places she’s made friends and see if they are still there.

Maybe this says a little about my kids personalities, but I think we can certainly say that when they were younger the travel that we did wasn’t worthless and they did get something out of it.  I’m pretty certain that food and people will still play a big part in what they remember from their current adventure too!

Of course they don’t remember a lot of it too, but you know what?  I don’t remember lots from my trips!  When I was 17 I went interailing round France which was fantastic, a great experience and was the start of my desire to travel more.  You’d think I’d remember it all being 17 at the time and not really a drinker of alcohol wouldn’t you?  I found a photo from that trip as I was clearing our life out recently and I couldn’t for the life of me remember it.  It was Nimes and I’d taken a picture of the amphitheatre.   I still can’t remember visiting it!  It doesn’t devalue my trip in the slightest though, why should it?

2 children sat next to a water fountain
Their first trip to France, a day trip, but they don’t remember much about it.

I asked the kids about things that they could remember from our holidays when they were younger and it was a surprising list of things.  I then asked them whether we should have bothered with holidays when they were really young if they couldn’t remember them and they unanimously said we should definitely still go on holiday! Why?  Because it’s fun and they have a good time.

I think that is key to me.  We may have only had mostly local holidays when the kids were younger, nothing where I could say they got to experience different cultures and languages, but we certainly had a whole heap of FUN.

Who would like to say that wouldn’t be worth it?

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9 thoughts on “Will kids remember travel? Is it worth it?”

  1. I agree with Bethaney, whatever makes your family happy is a gift ad most certainly worth it! Now about that butterscotch ice cream….YUM!

  2. Last year I along with my cute child went to Paris. Now, When I ask him about travel in the journey, can he remember it? Then he says everything. I am surprised to see his recollection power. Thanks

  3. Travel always keeps your kids happy. I have very unforgettable moments with my parents. I remember when i was child i enjoyed each and every moment of travel which i spent with my parents. Now i am 40 years old. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us. After reading this post I remember my childhood.


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