What is the best Kindle to buy in 2017

Kindles and ebook readers in general have really taken the world by storm and changed how books are read.  If you’re a big reader and especially if you’re looking to read on the go you’re probably wondering what is the best Kindle to buy since there are so many different kinds available at the moment.

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What is the best Kindle to buy?

Its not a case of asking which Kindle is the best but more which Kindle is best for me.  You see, I’d say that every one of them are really great products, but that wouldn’t mean that they all would be perfect for my style of reading, how often I read and my budget.

I’m going to go through the four main Kindle models that are available at the moment which will hopefully give you a good idea of what the pros and cons of each version are.


Amazon Kindle

The most basic version of the Kindle still packs a great punch and if you’re looking for just a basic ebook reader with nothing too fancy then this one will most likely do the job for you.  I have the basic version and although I think I will upgrade to a Paperwhite soon (for the reasons below) it’s still a fantastic bit of kit.

It doesn’t have quite the resolution of the more expensive versions but I still find it excellent on my eyes and it does feel like you’re reading text on a book rather than on a screen.

If you’re not sure how much you’ll like reading on an electronic device or if you would just rather spend your money on some kindle books then this one is a great choice.

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Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

I’m a traveller so for me I’d be looking for the best Kindle for travel and I think paperwhite version would be perfect for that.

The reason why I think the Paperwhite is better than the more basic for travel and taking abroad is the fact that you can get it with free 3G.  That means that if you’re abroad with no internet access you can still browse the online store and download books whenever you want without worrying about hefty costs for roaming charges.

The battery on the paperwhite still lasts a really long time and you’re talking weeks.  So if you’re away for a short amount of time you could probably get away with forgetting your cable!

The fact that the paperwhite also has an inbuilt backlight means that for carry on travel and minimising what you’re taking it’s also a no brainer.  My current kindle has a case with a built in light and it just makes it that little bit more bulkier.  I do like reading at night and so having a light is great to stop your eyes straining, but having it inbuilt is way better!
My personal view is that the Paperwhite is the best all round ebook reader and would be perfect for a number of people who want something not too expensive, but with plenty of features.

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Kindle Voyage E-reader

If you’re looking for something even better than the paperwhite then take a look at the Voyage version of Kindle.  It has the same resolution but an enhanced way of lighting it up makes for an amazing reading experience.  The back lit screen adjusts with the available light around you so it will always be at the perfect level for you.

It’s not a huge step up price wise from the paperwhite – if you’re looking for something a little bit more special or even as a gift for a book lover then the Voyager would definitely do it!

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Kindle Oasis

The latest version of the Kindle that Amazon has brought out is a luxurious bit of kit!  The price point of this e-reader definitely puts it in to the category for serious readers!

Again the resolution is the same standard as the Paperwhite and Voyager what makes this Kindle different is the ergonomic design that is much more different than the others.   The hand grip has been designed for the most comfortable of reading experiences, although if you find that you like to change hands you might find that the design doesn’t work for you as well.

There’s also a beautiful leather case as well which can also keep the kindle charged as well which could make the charge on the ebook reader last for months!

Although a more serious investment product than the others, I can see that if reading was what you loved to do then this would be a perfect ebook reader!

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Best Kindle for kids

If you’re looking for the best ereader for kids then I really think that a Kindle can be an awesome choice.  However as with all of us, the best reading device for kids will depend on the personality and age of your child.


It still begs the question about which is the best Kindle to buy, even if it’s for a kid.  If you’re looking for an all round good ereader for kids and are at all concerned about budget and about the possibility that your kids might break it (don’t worry, they’re pretty sturdy) then you’ll probably want to stick to the basic Amazon Kindle.  The price point nowadays means that it’s easy to pick them up for all of your children to have individually.

It’s easy to keep the Kindle safe for kids too as there are parental controls on there.

If you’re in the US there’s also a service called Kindle FreeTime Unlimited which allows access to loads of kids books for a small monthly fee – definitely something to look into and I hope they’ll bring that to the UK soon!

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Now although I think the basic Kindle is perfect for most kids, if you’ve older kids who are voracious readers and are often found reading in bed the Paperwhite version might be worth thinking about.  Of course it’s slightly more expensive and so you’ll have to think about whether your child will get the benefit of it.  I think for teenagers it’s a great option especially if they are book fiends and just are always found buried in a book!

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2 thoughts on “What is the best Kindle to buy in 2017

  1. Alyson says:

    I’d never even heard of the Kindle Oasis! We have 3 Kindle paperwhites at the moment. We had an alternative e reader for a while, a mojo, kobo? something like that. It was rubbish, it broke. The Kindles are brilliant. I’d advise every parent to get the paperwhite not the fire, it’s a book not a ganing console!!! Hello 🙂

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