What should you bring on a vacation to Scotland?   Let's take a look at 5 must pack items!

1. Guidebook

Essential for late night planning of your trips!  I like ones with city guides that have walks to take too.

2. Midge repellent

While midges are mostly a problem in the west coast in the summer months it's a good idea to get some if you're planning any walking near water

3. Waterproof Jacket

No matter when you're planning to visit Scotland - whether summer or winter you'll need a waterproof jacket!

4. Binoculars

With amazing wildlife all around binoculars are a must pack item.   Seals, dolphins, eagles and deer all await you!

5. layers!

The weather can be unpredictable at any time of the year.  Having layers means that you're ready for anything Scotland throws at you!

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