Top 5 tips for renting and driving a car in the UK on vacation:

Renting a car in the UK is a great idea - it gets you to all the small villages, historic sites and rolling countryside easily!

Here are some tips for driving in the UK...

1. don't get the biggest car!

It's tempting to get a big car but remember that British roads are small and fuel is expensive!

2. go for automatic transmission

Manual transmission cars are the norm in the UK but rental agencies will have plenty of automatics too - don't give yourself anything else to try!

3. don't rent a car for London

London has great public transport and driving there can be very tricky - save renting a car for exploring the rest of Britain.

4. research roundabouts

Roundabouts (or traffic circles) are really common in the UK - it's a good idea to read up on the rules before you get to one!

5. keep left!

The main difference is that the UK drives on the left - it's not so bad since you're also sat in the opposite side of the car, but can take some getting used to!

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