Isle of Skye

What is there to do and see on this iconic and popular Scottish island?   Let's take a look...

1. Portree

The main town on the island is Portree and it's where you'll find lots of restaurants, hotels and boat trips

2. Talisker Whisky

A famous distiller of the iconic Scottish whisky is Talisker.  You can visit and take a tour and also sample the goods too!

3. Old Man of Storr

There are so many hikes and walks to do on Skye, it's perfect for active people.  One famous landmark is the Old Man of Storr

4. Fairy Pools

Another place to take a walk - the fairy pools of Skye.  Lots of people take a dip but it can be very cold!

5. Beaches

Like much of the west of Scotland there are some stunning white beaches.  If you get a good days weather it's definitely recommended to search some out

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