Scotland is a great place to visit in the summer months.   But what are the best things to do in summer?

Weather can always be a little tricky to plan for in Scotland but in Summer the temperatures are the hottest and the chance of good weather is increased!

Scotland has some of the best beaches in the world if you like white sand an turquoise seas. Though I can't promise it will be warm if you go for a dip!

1. Visit stunning beaches

There are so many beautiful islands off the coast of Scotland like Skye, Arran and Orkney!

2. Discover the islands

Edinburgh comes alive in the summer with the Fringe Festival and Military Tattoo - amazing sights!

3. Enjoy festivals

Summer sees loads of these events happen all around the country - some small, some attract royalty!

4. find a Highland games

It's the best time of year to find Scotland's heather blooming.  Take a walk in the highlands to find gorgeous pink flowers

5. find Scottish heather

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