Scotland is a great place to visit in the Springtime.   But what can you do there in Spring?

Weather can always be a little tricky to plan for in Scotland but in Spring the temperatures are rising, the flowers are blooming and the country is coming back to life after winter.

The castle, summer home to the King of England, opens its doors to tourists from Spring. You'll not see him though - he's there in August!

1. Visit Balmoral

The new road trip takes you through Scotland's most remote areas - some people call it the Scottish Route 66!

2. Drive the NC500

While many places have beautiful flowers bursting into bloom - one interesting spot is the Outer Hebrides where there's a rare habitat called the machair

3. Explore the wildflowers

A year round activity for sure by April is whisky month and there's even a festival that happens each Spring in the Speyside area

4. taste some whisky

Many castles close for the winter months but open back up in Spring.  Some have beautiful gardens full of spring flowers to enjoy.

5. explore some castles

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