A Route 66 road trip doesn't have to be an expensive one...

Here are our tips for doing the bucket list trip on a budget!

Mom and Pop motels are great for keeping costs down

You'll also help local businesses who love the road and its history.  Win win!

If you're renting a car then check out comparison sites for the best deals

Don't forget to include one way drop off fees when calculating - it's often cheaper than rushing back to your origin

Local cafes and restaurants are also budget friendly

Or you can pack a picnic each day and enjoy it at one of the many roadside stops

Much of what makes Route 66 interesting are the roadside attractions..

it's free to stop,  take pictures and learn about the history of the area!

There are many outdoor places to go for a hike

Even the Petrified Forest  National Park has a low entry fee, but many spots are free to enjoy

There are so many wonderful, free or low cost museums too

Almost always run by so many friendly people - if you can donate to keep them running!

Don't feel like you have to do the whole road at once

Yes it's nice to go from one end to the other, but you'll still have a great time even if limited to one or two states

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