What WW2 history can you see on a trip to the

Normandy beaches?

Normandy was the scene of one of the biggest and most important events of World War 2. You can still see a lot of remnants of those days on a visit to the North French coast Let's see what remains...

D-day beach landings

There are so many stories

Museums tell the story of the

museums exist for all countries involved and major sites

Liberation Route

and remind us of all who fought

Memorials line the

while life goes on in France

Pointe Du Hoc

where US troops fought

Explore the story of

against the odds

mulberry harbours

in Arromanches

See remnants of

otherwise known as Gold Beach

including tanks

and other vehicles

See the weaponry of the time

used by the Allied Troops


and see where one unlucky or lucky

See the airborne story at

soldier for caught on the  church roof!

all those who fell

and remain in France

Take time to remember

at the cemetery by Omaha beach

For anyone with an interest in WW2 history, Normandy is a must visit. Learn about what you can see and how to plan a trip at the link below