5 Reasons to visit Scotland in the summer months...

1. best chance of good weather

While Scotland has rain all year round,  if you want good weather your best chance is the   summer months!

2. long days to explore

Being so far north Scotland has very long days in the summer so you can make the most of your time outside

3. amazing festivals

Highland Games take place all over the country and there's also the Edinburgh Fringe and Royal Military Tattoo!  Lots happens in the summer in Scotland!

4. All attractions are open

You won't need to worry about whether attractions are open or shut early - everything in Scotland is open!

5. The country is simply stunning...

especially if you can get to the coast and explore the white sands and turquoise waters!

It's not all amazing though.  Here are some bad bits:

1. midges (small biting insects) 2. crowds 3. still rains a lot!

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