Is 10 days enough for a London and Scotland vacation?

Spend 3 days in London

With 10 days overall you might want to take a whole 3 days to enjoy London.   Take in central London, Greenwich and also explore the Royal sites.

Take the overnight sleeper train to Inverness

To save time - take the sleeper.  You can get very luxurious compartments which take you to the Highlands in no time!

Explore the Highlands

Inverness is good place to discover Loch Ness as well as some Outlander sites like Culloden.

Visit the Isle of Skye

Skye is doable as a day trip with a tour company or as an individual trip with your own car.   It's connected by road so no need for a ferry!

Finish in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a must to add in to a Scotland vacation so spend 2 nights there at the end. Explore the Old and New Town and all the history!

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