The Falkirk Wheel in Central Scotland is one of the most interesting landmarks in the area

here's how to visit it

The Falkirk Wheel doesn't look how you might imagine it - it's not a Ferris wheel at least

But you can go for a ride on it

The wheel connects two canals and allows boats to travel between them even though they are at different levels.  It rotates and lifts the boats!

They are located midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh

They are easiest to get to by car or an organized tour

You can also get there on public transport from Edinburgh and Glasgow

You can go for a walk around the canal

Or take a trip on a boat that goes on the wheel - you can see for miles and the surrounding hills are beautiful!

The boat lift is a one of a kind engineering wonder - nowhere else has anything like it in the world!

You can also see another Scottish site nearby - the Kelpies

It's only a couple of miles away where you can see these giant statues up close

For more information about visiting The Falkirk Wheel when in Scotland swipe up to read my full post about it!