Top 5 tips for visiting London's Harry Potter Studio Tour...

The Harry Potter Studio tour is a must for any fan of the films or the books.  It's a rare treat to have an attraction based entirely on just one film franchise! Here are our tips for visiting...

While the Studio Tour is often said to be in London it's actually about 20 miles outside of the center.  There are lots of ways to get there and some include a ticket too.

1. Check where it is!

There's a lot to see and enjoy at the tour from all of the costumes and props to having a go on a flying broom!  Don't rush around.

2. Allow plenty of time

You'll want to wear comfortable shoes as it can get tiring going around all the exhibits.   Especially so if you try and fit in sightseeing before or after (tip - don't!)

3. Wear comfy shoes!

Like many places - there's a cool gift shop at the end. There are LOADS of things you can't get elsewhere so be prepared to spend or say NO!

4. Be prepared for the gift shop!

You can dress up for the studio tours and everyone will love it!   I normally go as a muggle - that counts right?

5. Dress up and have fun!

Check out more about these tips and some other one's too that will make your trip to Harry Potter Studios near London epic! Swipe up!