Would you like to visit an old English village that was used in the Harry Potter films?

Let's take a look at Lacock...

Lacock is in Wiltshire, not too far from Stonehenge. The Abbey is the first place to check out...

The cloisters were used in the first film where Harry, Ron and Hermione were talking and Snape thinks they are 'up to something'

Other parts of the Abbey were used for Professor Quirrell's classroom and also where the Mirror of Erised was located

In the village you can find the Harry Potter's parents house...

again from the 1st film

Another house in the village was used as

the place Slughorn hid out in the Half Blood Prince

The whole village is a joy to wander around whether you're a Harry Potter fan or not. For more information about visiting you can check my article by swiping up!