A trip to London can soon challenge your bank balance.

so here are 5 museums that are totally FREE to add to your itinerary!

British Museum

With historical artefacts from all over the world, it doesn't matter what you're interested in - you'll find it here!

Natural History Museum

An amazing museum about the natural world and animals housed in one of the most stunning buildings in London!

Science Museum

Right next door to the Natural History Museum is the science Museum with loads of hands on exhibits.   Still totally FREE!

National Gallery

with artworks from lots of well known artists from around the world, the National Gallery should be on everyone's list.  Situated by Trafalgar Square.

National Maritime Museum

If you head out to Greenwich then you can learn all about the seafarers and the history of it all.  Again, totally free!

There are so many more free options too - check out my guide below - all are suitable for kids and adults!