Changing of the Guard tours in London - are they worth it?

The Changing of the Guard in London is a free spectacle that anyone can watch - so why would you do a tour?  And are they worth it?

The first benefit to a tour is knowing the best places to stand to see the tour happen.   Normally you'll start by St James's Palace where the parade begins

Knowing where to stand

The tour guides are really knowledgeable and will tell you all about what you're seeing. From the army regiments on display to Royal History - all told in an entertaining way!.

Getting the lowdown

There are a lot of palaces in the vicinity of the parade - you'll learn about them if you're interested - it's more than just Buckingham Palace

learn about the palaces

You might also get chance to see the changing of the Horse Guards too - a smaller ceremony but still interesting all the same!

see the horse guards change too!

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