These 5 castles are all near London and can be reached really easily.  Are you ready for a bit of history?

1. Windsor Castle

The home of the King of England and the oldest occupied castle in the world! It's just 22 miles outside London.

2. Hampton Court Palace

The court of Henry VIII is also near the centre of London and is home to a wealth of history.   Jane Seymour died here giving birth to his son.

3. Hever Castle

The childhood home of Henry VIII's second wife, Anne Boleyn.   A small but interesting castle with gorgeous grounds and a maze!

4. Dover Castle

A medieval fortess set in the iconic white cliffs of Dover.   It was important in WW2 as the base for co-ordinating the Dunkirk rescue

5. Leeds Castle

Known as the loveliest castle in England!  Leeds Castle is a Norman castle in the English countryside - not near Leeds though!

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