UK travel planning

Need help crafting the perfect UK trip but are overwhelmed with the options and underwhelmed at others premade itineraries that cover places and historical themes you have no interest in.  Or worse, no history at all!  I can help you to completely personalise your trip to the UK, whether that’s just one country or them all with a complete itinerary that covers what YOU want to do.

As a special introductory offer for 2019, I’m setting my rates at 50% what they will normally be.  So, do get in touch for a bespoke itinerary, taking in all of the places that YOU want to see and the history YOU want to learn about. 

Basic packages start at £99 £49 for a two day itinerary.  Please get in touch using the form below or at Kirsty@lostinlandmarks.com if you’d like to see the full list of prices or get a bespoke quote for what you need.

Please note this is not a travel agency service and I cannot book hotels, flights or tours for you.  What I can do is give you links to peruse and choose to book yourself.