Visiting a Highland Games in Scotland

Summer!  So that means that the Highland Games in Scotland will be starting.  I had hoped that we would be lucky and find some event close by that we could visit and we were. Not only were the games close by, only 15 miles or so away in the town of Dufftown (I can’t help … Read more

Wildlife and wild swimming in Scotland

We had a couple of days where we could explore a bit in the Highlands of Scotland, before our house sit actually began so we took the opportunity to explore a bit further afield than our base since we don’t like to go too far away when in charge of pets (even if the owners … Read more

Loch Leven castle

On our slow journey north to our house sit, we stopped halfway at a cheap Travelodge in Kinross.  For some reason, the kids absolutely love Travelodge rooms and get very excited to stay in them!  All I am thinking is that they at least won’t have high standards when they go to travel as adults! … Read more