How to set up your own travel blog

Want to set up your own travel blog so you can document your trip?  Want to share with family and friends and maybe even make some money from it?  Here’s some resources so you can do just that.

Where should you make your blog?

Ahh the eternal question!  To make things easy for you, answer the following: do you want to just set up a blog for friends and family to read or do you think you will eventually want to monetise it?

If you think you’ll just want it for friends and family, then go down the free route by setting up a blog at Blogger or  You can still make it look pretty awesome, but there tends to be limits to what you can do (adding adverts in, that kind of thing)

If you want to make some money at some point or just want complete control over how it looks then go for the self hosted option by buying a domain name, some web hosting and setting up the site at (not the .com site).  It really isn’t that expensive and well worth it in my opinion – most hosting providers will help get you set up too so don’t worry on the technical side.


Web Hosting

I recommend A2 for web hosting and it’s what I am using right now for this blog.  It’s really a small amount to pay each month for excellent service and you get your first domain free (at the time of writing this).  What I like about it is that you can have unlimited domains hosted with them.  I like unlimited, it makes me feel free to have loads of ideas as I can just add them on by buying the domain name!  Check them out by clicking below.



More travel blogging resources

If you want to take your blog and turn it in to a biz courses can really help.  Yes they cost money and yes you can probably get the info for free elsewhere but often I’ve found you get so much conflicting info that way.  My advice is to find someone killing it in the travel blog biz and learn from them and try and stick to their advice for a bit to see how it goes.

I can often feel a bit worried about people’s recommendations for courses because they often just want people to use their affiliate links to recoup their costs so will recommend regardless of whether they were helpful or not.  I did a huge amount of research before signing up for any of these courses and checked out the free resources the people had before signing up and it worked because I’ve been happy with almost everything I bought.  Here are my top resources I am currently using and yes some are affiliate links, but I’d be shouting about them even if they weren’t because they’ve been so helpful for me.


General Blogging course – Travel Blog Prosperity by Jessie on a Journey

I just joined this course, primarily as I wanted the mentoring and community aspect of it.  Jessie does monthly calls, is really kind, open and accessible and I’m loving it over there.  The cost is monthly and you get new content delivered every month.  The great thing is that there is a tonne of content for newbies all the way up to seasoned bloggers to learn from.


Social media courses – Slaying Social

I love the advanced Pinterest course that Lia from Practical Wanderlust runs and I’ve had huge success with it and gain a lot of my traffic through Pinterest alone.  There’s a lot of conflicting advice about Pinterest but I stuck with their strategy and have been reaping the benefits.  Lia and Christina are really fun teachers too and I really enjoy their sense of humour here.  They have courses for more general social media and also some specific courses too.


SEO strategy – Make Traffic Happen

I love Make Traffic Happen and their really down to earth way of helping see through the SEO minefields.  I appreciate the fact they are travel bloggers originally and so I can see it works for that niche too.  Their e-books are really inexpensive and well worth it.  I’m also taking an in person course with them soon which I’ll report back on.


Travel writing – Superstar Blogging, Nomadic Matt

This is a new course I’ve just started but even from the small amount I’ve done I know it’s well worth it.  I’ve often wanted to do more actual writing in magazines and newspapers but never knew where to start.  You get feedback from a well established travel writer as well as Matt himself too.  I’ll update more here as I go along in the course.


Travel photography – Superstar Blogging, Nomadic Matt

Another course I bought recently is the photography one that is in the Superstar Blogging course collection.  I have high hopes for this too and the content is amazing but I’ll admit I haven’t delved deep in to it yet.


Nomadic Matt runs some other courses too like a general blogging one and also vlogging.  You can see all his courses here.


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