Samson Go Mic review – best travel microphone around!

When we set off on our travels it was with the intention of becoming a digital nomad and working on the road.  I had a podcast that I was intending to record and keep going while travelling and so I needed a microphone that would be good for travel.  I heard about this super small usb microphone, bought it and loved it, so this is my Samson Go Mic review.

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Samson Go Mic Review – podcasting while travelling

I will start by saying that I really didn’t have much idea about what to expect with microphones.  I’d never used one before, the technical jargon meant nothing to me and I really just wanted something simple, something that worked and something that was better than my macbook’s inbuilt mic.

I realised that to keep my kit small, I wanted to go with a usb mic.  USB microphones are basically just plug and play and that’s what I needed for my set up.

In saying that, there was no reason to get something that was tiny but that didn’t work well at all.  Thankfully, even though I know very little about sound quality in technical terms, I can tell the difference between rubbish sound and good sound.  I’d certainly listened to enough podcasts with crappy audio!


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The Samson Go Mic was really everything I wanted.  It is small – only about 2 inches in length.  You can see it here sat on my hand (and I haven’t got huge hands!)


It ‘packs away’ within the inbuilt clip, which keeps it nice and safe while travelling and it has its own small padded case that it lives in.  The cable won’t fit in the case mind you, but if you’re like me and have a few different cables in your bag, it just lives in there with them!  If you’re looking for a good travel microphone then this is what won it for me.  The size is just not comparable with other good microphones out there.  I considered a headset but that would have taken up far too much room for me.


Speaking of the clip, that’s excellent for either attaching to your laptop, your desk or other item you want.  When I used this at home I’d clip it to a camera tripod we had which brought it up to the right height for me.  Alternatively it can be just placed on your desk and it acts as a stand for the mic.


The microphone can swivel round so you can get the best sound.  Sometimes I’d find that I couldn’t get it to stay in the position I wanted to have it, but generally that wasn’t too much of an issue.


There’s a couple of different settings you can use with a small switch on the side.  I basically tried them all out and went for the one that sounded best for me, but I think they were for if you wanted a more direct sound pick up or wanted sound picked up from all around.  Like I said, I’m not very technical with it all!


There’s also a headphone jack in the side so you can have your computer sound in your ears rather than being picked up by the microphone.


If you’re looking for a microphone for any kind of digital nomad work whether that’s Skype, recording videos, podcasts, live streaming it’s really perfect.  If you’re serious about the sound that comes out you might find it’s not up to par (although I was really happy with the quality), but if size is an issue, and let’s face it, for travellers it often is, then I don’t think you can beat this one.  It’s tiny, it works really well and it’s a really reasonable price too.

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2 thoughts on “Samson Go Mic review – best travel microphone around!”

  1. Well that’s fascinating! I have a budding YouTuber, so we travel with a headset, but it breaks every couple of weeks in a backpack and needs replacing. I didn’t even know you could buy those! Great stuff.

    • it would definitely be worth giving a shot then – my son also used it for his you tube videos before he got his own (bigger) one 🙂


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