More rain and the best beach so far!

When we arrived in Normandy I kept seeing lots of joke souvenirs about the weather.  Mugs and t-shirts with people in rain jackets and umbrellas with witty french sayings that I can’t quite remember.  After about a week in Normandy I understood.  It rained a lot!

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It might not seem apparent from the pics I’ve posted, but we had to dodge the rain so many times!  That is one of the best things about motorhome travel though, you can stay inside in comfort waiting for that break in the rain.  Some days it doesn’t come though and you just have to go out and brave the elements!

We headed over to the west side of Normandy, away from the D-day beaches to explore round there.  Our first stop there was a wash out, completely, but the second stop was just perfect.  The worst thing about it was that you could only stay for 24 hours.  I could see why.

It was a village called Sciotot and the beach was a surfing beach.

When we travelled in 2013 with the van I expected to find my perfect beach.  I like nature, I like to walk for ages along it, I like to hear the waves, I hate over commercialised beaches.  I had to be able to imagine myself walking a dog there with hardly anyone else around.  We didn’t really find anything that felt right really and I was surprised at that.

This one really hit the spot though.

It felt like we’d hit upon a gorgeous secluded beach in Cornwall, it just reminded me of that kind of place, but with some french characteristics!  There was hardly anything there except a huge expanse of sand.  It was just stunning.

It was rainy when we arrived, but it cleared later on and it was just perfect for walking along, climbing over rocks and listening to those waves crash.

High tide and sunset seemed to coincide so spent ages there trying to get good shots on our camera while the kids threw stones (kept them quiet for *ever*!) .  James tried to take a selfie with the sunset, but the sun wasn’t right and he got me instead!!  😉

Just beautiful.  I probably shouldn’t have told you where it was 😉


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