Our home for next year!

Well, we did it.  We finally saved enough to buy ourselves a campervan.  I can’t quite believe we have one, probably because she’s not staring at us every day as we’re keeping her on my mums drive for now.

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Anyway, here she is.  She is a 1988 Fiat Dethleffs Globetrotter.  She’s a little bit old, she’ll be 25 next year to be exact, but I think she’ll do the job just fine. James says mechanically she seems fine and her bodywork is pretty good too.  The interior is, um, a little less good!

Ok outside:
fiat dethleffs globetrotter

(I forgot to take a photo of the front, so this is from the ebay listing and we paid less than that!!)

fiat campervan

The back.  We tested the awning yesterday, it’s not in great condition, but should work well enough for us as a little bit of shelter when we’re on campsites.

fiat dethleffs bed Overcab

This is the bed above the cab and will be where Marcus sleeps.  It’s huge!  He has the biggest area I think.

fiat campervan front cab

The drivers area (it’s a LHD – was scary following James home in it as he kept driving it way into the centre of the road until he got used to it!).  the passenger seat turns round.

fiat campervan table

The middle area which will be where we’ll eat and where James and I will sleep.   Also where the seatbelts are and where the kids will sit when travelling.

fiat campervan rear seating

Another bed at the back for Alex.  She has a curtain she can pull round for privacy too 🙂

old fiat campervan kitchen

The kitchen.  There is a hob and a sink under the work surface.  There is also a fridge behind one of the cupboards.  This was my sticking point, as I wanted an oven or at least a grill and it doesn’t have one.  James thinks we’ll be ok without, but I think I’ll plan to get a Cadac or similar to give us more options especially on a campsite.

fiat campervan bathroom

Bathroom.  No toilet fitted in, just a porta potti.  Haven’t tested the shower yet.

fiat dethleffs campervan interior

Alex trying to clear the floor up.  There was some horrid brown carpet down which we took up yesterday.  Underneath is some laminate flooring, which hasn’t been put down very well, but might be useable. 


So, the interior is pretty horrid.  The laminate is coming off the cupboards, there are stupid hooks in the walls in places and it just looks really tatty and dark.  We took up the carpet, took down the curtains and removed any crappy additions yesterday and it looks so much better already.  I still have plans to paint inside and recover the cushions, so I think it will look much better in time.  But really, it’s all just cosmetic and although I will do it because I want to, it’s nothing major.

I can’t wait to show the after photos.  Might be a while yet though!


8 thoughts on “Our home for next year!

  1. hharicot says:

    woohoo for getting the motorhome 🙂 🙂 and looking forward to seeing it when all glammed up as well 🙂 .
    i think for living in you’re right, you may want an oven at some point, but one of those plug in ones will prob be ok??
    fab 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    I cant wait to see the end result and you will know you did it yourself. I think an oven would be essential for us, but it will add to the challenge for you.

  3. Nic says:

    Fantastic! So excited for you. I think getting Willow was the real coming alive part of our adventure – it all seemed like it might really happen once I could go and sit in the campervan 🙂

  4. Zoe says:

    Woohoo! So excited for you and really looking forward to seeing you make it ‘your home’ 🙂 You can get one of those little table top combi oven things (my parents have one for their caravan and its great!)

  5. Kirsty says:

    Thanks Zoe – I’ll be pestering you for motorhome tips I think! The van did come with a teeny tiny electic oven thing which I need to have a play with. Will only be good on sites with hook up, but will be good for a change 🙂

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