Oooh hello again France!

When we planned touring France in our camper van last year we had grand ideas of exploring Normandy and the D-Day landing sites.  As you know, Marcus is our war nut and he was very excited at the prospect of going there.  Of course, ideas change and we ended up hot footing it down to Toulouse which meant Normandy was relegated to ‘next time’ status.

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Next time ended up being at Easter!  We knew we planned to sell Gloria to pay for our next adventures (hoping her new owners will discover her soon and be perfect for her!) so I really wanted to do one last ‘proper’ trip in her to say our goodbyes and to test her again after a winter being static.

And test her we did.  A long drive to Dover, having woken at stupid o’clock, to get there about lunch time.  She drove like a dream.  Not a single issue.  I was super excited to be able to wave at other motorhome drivers on the road, but we never saw many.

In Dover we could rest the van for an hour or so before getting her on the ferry.  Dover is so noisy, and so industrial around the docks, but you just have to love the white cliffs in the background.  really feels like you’re leaving the country (or arriving as the case may be!)

We hadn’t planned on going far once we were in France and actually stayed just near Dunkirk in the same spot we overnighted the year before, after going to the obligatory supermarket shop once in France and stocking up on baguettes, cheese and cheap wine!  We had a wonderful walk on the beach being silly and just enjoyed being together as a family and each others company.  James took some sunset shots and life just felt good.

It had been about 7 month since we’d travelled like that and it felt like yesterday.  We slept so well that night.  I couldn’t believe it was our last trip like this.

3 thoughts on “Oooh hello again France!

  1. Alyson says:

    You know I would LOVE to own a campervan! It sounds so much fun, total freedom like that. Want to lend us Gloria for a few months 😉 ?

  2. Renee—RambleCrunch says:

    Sounds perfect, Kirsty. I’ve said this before, but I miss our camper literally every day. It’s the best way of life, esp when you can take advantage of Europe’s wonderful free-camping opportunities. If we didn’t need serious wifi for work we’d be living on four wheels now. I’m so sad you’re selling Gloria!

  3. Kirsty says:

    lol Alyson, we’ve thought about renting her out. I’d be terrified in case something went wrong with her though. :/

    Renee – I keep thinking that we’ll just take her away again but it’s the wifi that really makes me wonder if it would be right. If we don’t sell her for the amount we need we’re tempted to take her away to Italy in October. We’ll have to see!

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