Liverpool city break with Museums and Historic Docks

ALiverpool city break has been something I have wanted to do for some time now.  I think I’d read about it on someone’s blog years ago and realised that far from just being somewhere with a world famous football team,  there was actually something interesting to see there.  I’d mentioned to James about maybe taking a day trip to visit the city but I was met with a funny looking face and ‘why would you want to go there?’.

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I was undeterred!

Back at the beginning of the year when we knew we weren’t going on our big trip to the US we looked out to book some little trips (I like to call them mini adventures – sounds more fun!) and sorted a cheap holiday to Northumberland and then I found a supercheap room for a one night stay in a Travelodge in Liverpool.  It was for the day before Father’s Day too so I figured we’d have a good day out and it could be a nice treat for James (well hopefully – he was’t keen on going!)  I also wanted to make a point of visiting places near us this year as well and as the north of England isn’t really on the cards for next year it made sense to go for it.

Liverpool City Break – Around the docks

We stayed at the Liverpool Docks Travelodge which was basic but cheap and just what we needed.  We love using Travelodge and it really suits us as a family.  It was about a 20 minute walk from the Albert Dock so it meant we could leave the car there while we wandered around.  I much prefer to walk a bit to the sights than to have to scrabble around for parking and pay a fortune for it, always stresses me!!

I loved just walking round the docks, especially on the Friday evening as it was quiet, some lovely buildings there.

Museums in Liverpool

There are quite a few free museums in Liverpool and we planned to visit two of them – The Museum of Liverpool and the Merseyside Maritime museum.  We thought about going to the Tate but I think we’ll do that another time.

First of all was the Maritime museum which was really interesting but I’ll say now wasn’t the most cheery of museums for two kids who have their sensitive moments.   Titanic exhibitions and also the International Slavery Museum in the same building will no doubt lead to interesting conversations in the future though and James and I very much enjoyed it there.

The docks themselves were an excellent location for our frugal lunch – sandwiches!  There are plenty of undercover areas and benches to sit on, complete with limping pigeons begging for food.   We don’t eat out very much as a rule so a good place for a picnic always goes down well.  While eating you can always watch the Duck boat tours coming and going.  I think next time we’ll try to do this if we can have enough time.  We always wanted to do them in London but they are much cheaper in Liverpool.


The Museum of Liverpool is about a two minute walk from the Maritime museum and in a pretty funky building.  We thoroughly enjoyed the exhibitions on the third floor with bits about the Beatles and other stars from the area.  I’d have liked have seen the show about the Beatles but we were lazy and didn’t go all the way to the welcome desk for the free tickets.  There were lots of hands on things, we loved learning about the overhead railway in the area and about the military history.  Loads of stuff there and kids were less sad!  Result 🙂

We were all getting pretty tired by this time.  I really need to find some good shoes that will be comfy when doing a lot of walking along paths and hard surfaces as my legs just ache so much at the moment!  We headed back to the car, via a quick trip to Cath Kidston (well there isn’t one near us so we have to take advantage!) and then home.

I’m pleased to say that James loved our Liverpool city break, as we all did,  and we will definitely be going back.  😉

2 thoughts on “Liverpool city break with Museums and Historic Docks

  1. T41 says:

    M loved Liverpool maritime museum and docks when he was there for a meeting a few years back and stayed late to go a visiting. I’ve never been, would like to.

    Meindl shoes get my recommendation. I love them, especially because of the deep tread they have so good for trail walking as well as pavements, but I should think anything with a Vibram sole would be good. You can tell if they have a Vibram sole as if you look at it there is a bright yellow Vibram insert.

  2. Kirsty says:

    Thanks T41 🙂 Have never heard of Meindl shoes, but will look into them.

    I think you would all really like Liverpool. The museums we went to were all really close too so no huge amount of walking (just too and from the travelodge we chose!)

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