Last days in NY and the end of our adventure

As promised, I wanted to just share some more of our pictures from the last days in New York which also happened to be the end of our adventure.  Afterwards we flew back to the UK, James got a job and we rented a house back in Sheffield – all back to normal.  I prefer to think of it as us having a holiday from our nomadic life though and I’m sure we’ll get back on the road soon.  It’s hard travelling long term with teenagers, they want friends and normality – it doesn’t work at the moment for us to take off again.  We’ll have to just enjoy our nomadic holiday and have some sporadic trips within it.

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Every other day or so we’d make the trip on the Staten Island ferry over in to Manhattan and see some more places we hadn’t done before.  One of the downsides of it being winter was that it was so cold you could only really do a couple of things each day before having enough!

One day we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge – I think this was one of my favourite things to see.


We also explored around Times Square again and found The Cake Boss Cafe to have some nice cake (we watched a lot of Cake Boss when we stayed with my parents before our big trip in 2013 so we had to find it and sample the cakes!)



It snowed!  We didn’t get masses of snow and it wasn’t on Christmas day, but we did get a little bit!


And finally we hopped in to another state, New Jersey, to see the original Carlo’s Bakery from Cake Boss.  We gave the kids the choice of going up the Rockefeller Centre or going to New Jersey and food won out!  It was so cold that day and we were really lucky as we met one of the ‘celebrities’ from the show – Mauro!  The cannoli were pretty good too 😉




And that is, I’m afraid, the end of our 2014 adventure!  I wonder when the next big one will be?

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