Jinxing the weather

I woke to lovely sunshine for our first full day in France.  I wore a dress.  This may be the reason why we struggled for good weather for the rest of the trip!

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We were tempted by a lovely looking Aire (motorhome stop) that was on the front cover of our Aire guide book and headed there.  It looked right out to sea and was extremely pretty.  It was a good 3 hour drive to get there, lots of non motorway roads which is how we tend to do it since we don’t want to pay the tolls on the motorways and Gloria likes to just sit and trundle along anyway.  It did make me realise quite how far away Normandy was from Calais!

We arrived at St Valery en Caux and managed to get one of the last spots.  Phew!  It always worries me that we’ll get somewhere and there be no spots, but I should relax more!

It reminded me a lot of some of the scenery we saw in Dorset last year with big towering cliffs.  It was a lovely little village with lots of boats that we daydreamed about having one day!

It was an even longer drive the day after as we wanted to get to the first of the landing beaches.   Sword beach is near the town of Ouistreham and it must have taken us at least 5 hours of driving that day.  Seemed to take forever!

Sword beach was a huge flat beach and we just enjoyed a whole load of people watching there.  Lots of people were doing land surfing and it was really fun to watch them all, especially some that just couldn’t get the hang of it at all!

There wasn’t a huge amount there to remind you of the past.  I wondered if all the beaches would be like this.  It’s good to see that life goes on and that it’s just another seaside town now, but I have to say that it wasn’t what we were expecting.

We enjoyed the last of the nice day with ice creams after a wander round the town.  We just got caught in the rain on the way back which was the start of the most amazing thunderstorm I’d seen.  Always a bit scary in a van, never know if it will be ok!

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