House Sitting

 Flexible Family to help you out and look after your pets while you go on holiday!

If you are looking for House and Pet Sitters then please get in touch if you think we can help you out!  We’re registered at many sites including Trusted Housesitters which is one of the biggest sites around at

the moment.


Availability (updated April 2016)

We’re currently based in the UK and may be interested in house sits in Europe for 2 weeks or less.  Contact us if you’d like to chat about it.


All about us

We are a family of pet lovers and full time travellers with a flexible outlook on life to help suit what you need.  We’re from the UK and tasted travelling full time for 5 months in 2013 when we embarked on a journey of a lifetime.  After 11 months back in the real world we’re setting out again, this time with no end date in sight.  As such we’re open to sits anywhere in the world as we travel slowly.

I’m (Kirsty) 35 and my husband, James, is 39.  James has been a truck driver in the UK for many years now and I have an online coaching business.  Our children are Alex, aged12 and Marcus, 14.  Alex is our animal lover and she adores all animals on sight!  Marcus takes his time to get to know the animals but a deep bond normally hatches!

We discovered house sitting when we went on our big adventure last year and we all enjoyed it immensely.  We started with small sits to make sure that we liked it and have progressed to longer sits of up to a month at a time.

As I work online and the children are an age where their schooling can be done online too it means that we can be in the home for many hours and aren’t spending all day out and about.  We do like to explore local areas though so being able to leave pets for a couple of hours each day is preferable to us.

This does mean that we need internet access while sitting for you.

An old one – Alex used to love walking our neighbours dog whenever she was allowed!

We have many references available for you to see on request and I welcome any questions you might have.

Why we love to house sit

We absolutely love travelling but have never been the type of family to spend hours in a city ticking off the sights only to move straight to the next place.  It’s too fast for us.  We absolutely love the freedom to take our time and get to know a place.  It allows us to slow down, soak up the culture and experience ‘real’ life.  As we have kids it’s nice to give them more stability and not too many different beds in a short period of time.

Since I began my online business at the end of 2013 it has meant we don’t need to be fixed and has allowed the opportunity of travel to open up to us once more.  After our taster session of full time travel in 2013 we know this is the right path for us.

We also love to be able to have pets again.  We had our own pet before my youngest was born and my eldest only remembers it slightly.  As we spent some years in rented accommodation and couldn’t have pets so being able to adopt some pets even for a short period of time has been a great experience for us all.

House sitting allows so many wonderful things to come into place for us while also doing good in return for the pet owners!


Our Background

Our Background – we’re in our mid to late thirties with teenage children.  We love nature, travel, reading, playing games and just learning lots!  We’ve home educated our kids from the very beginning and travel is an extension of this.  We bring enthusiasm in bucket loads to care for pets!

James has had a mixed career background ranging from being a chef to fixing electric meters, to driving tankers containing fuel.  Before we had children I worked in various offices and companies and since having them committed to staying at home with them.  Recently I have set up my online business coaching others to build their dream lives and reach for them.

James has always been a dog person having grown up with Boxer dogs and has many years of experience with these bigger dogs.  When we first set up home we had a lovely Rottweiller so again large dogs do not phase us at all!

Previous House Sitting Experience – We’ve always looked after my parents dogs when they have gone on holiday.  Again these are larger dogs (a German Shepherd Cross and Rhodesian Ridgeback) so need long walks and lots of attention.  We’ve also in the past two years extended our experience to:

  • a week’s hamster care while friends were away
  • a weekend in England taking care of 2 older dogs requiring medication
  • 3 weeks in France taking care of 2 dogs (requiring medication) and 2 cats
  • 3 weeks in Scotland taking care of 2 large dogs
  • 2 weeks in England with 1 dog and 3 cats


We’ve had experience with young dogs requiring lots of attention and also older animals that need medicine.

Property Experience – We’ve had experience from both sides of property ownership.  We started our lives together with our own property and so have first hand experience of how to care and maintain our own homes.  We’re also experienced tenants and know how to behave in a home that is not our own.  Having been in a home for 7 years with our kids from age 5-12 we left the property with no issues and retaining the full amount of our rental bond.

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