House sitting long term – how we saved thousands on accommodation

House and pet sitting is something we had tried and enjoyed on previous trips and we knew that house sitting long term was something we really wanted to do more of on this trip.

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Our first long term house sitting job came at a great time – we’d just finished up our Route 66 trip in America which was quite intense and we were back in the UK travelling long term and with no end date in sight.

This was the first of three house sits that we did on this trip, each for around a month and each time offering us some significant savings based on how much it would cost us to be in those locations as a ‘tourist’.  It saved us so much money and also gave us experiences we just would never have had before.

The benefits of house sitting long term


One of the major benefits that house sitting immediately presents is the savings on accommodation.

We house sat in two major cities on this trip – New York City and London.  Finding somewhere to stay, even for a shorter period could run in to thousands of pounds.  Some cities are so expensive that we just don’t think about visiting – house sitting opens up these areas to us.


walking a dog

walking our NYC pooch!

We really like house sits of around a month or slightly more.  Why?  It really gives us time to get used to an area, to explore at a pace that works for us and to have time to work as well.

Even on short trips we aren’t fast paced, going to attractions every moment, so having a house sit that allows us to slow down and enjoy the area at a slower pace really appeals to us.

We really get to enjoy and experience a locale, at a level you’d never get if you were in a hotel.  To be honest, that’s a priceless experience!


The other benefit, especially to us as we’ve not been able to have pets in the past due to rented houses, is that we can have temporary pets.  There’s nothing better than sat with your feet up and getting a cuddle from your new best friend!


The skills that you learn while house sitting can’t be discounted either – and let’s face it, house sitting is a job, a serious job that requires many skills.  You can take those anywhere!


And it also brings together many potential friendships – we’re in contact with many of our past sits and have even done repeat sits for them.


Can you be a house sitter with kids?


girl with bedlington terrierOne of the first questions that is asked of us is ‘Can you really get house sitting jobs with kids?’.  The answer is that yes of course you can – after all, we have been successful on a number of occasions – but that it can also be quite tricky.

I don’t want to sugar coat it, it can be hard to get house sitting jobs even as a singleton or a couple – the competition can be tremendous.  So joining in that competition with an added ‘unknown’ of having kids doesn’t always help.

But I do think that sometimes it helps us stand out when we apply and of course some pets love the extra attention that having kids around can afford.  So in actual fact some home owners may well give preference to families.  If they have kids themselves then they’ll potentially have the space for us and be open to the possibility of families looking after their pets.

So YES, you absolutely can be a house sitter with kids.  And yes you can even get the ‘high ticket’ sits in amazing places – we scored a NYC house sit over Xmas and New Years!


How to get started house sitting?


house sitting long termIf you’ve ever been interested in housesitting long term then here’s the low down on how to get started in this and find international house sitting jobs.

As I said before, finding long term house sitting jobs can be tricky – the internet has opened up this world of opportunity for many, many people and often there is a lot of competition.


I’d recommend starting off by looking at some of the more popular house sitting platforms:  Trusted Housesitters and House Carers are two of the main sites out there.  Take some time and get to know what is there and what kind of opportunities are available.


I’d also recommend getting as much experience as possible as soon as you make the decision.  You’ll want references and to be able to show potential home owners that you can do the job!


And if you’re really set on this path and want to make a real impression, stand out from the crowd and be a professional then I’d really recommend the online course that Nat and Jodie created which is called House Sitters Academy.

I’ve taken the course myself and can really vouch for it – it will help you to create amazing profiles on the many house sitting sites out there, help you when you email owners and when you’re on your sit it provides information and advice on having the best experience possible.  Click here to find out about the course.



If you’d like to find out more about us and the potential for us house sitting for you at any point in the future do contact us to see if we can help

2 thoughts on “House sitting long term – how we saved thousands on accommodation”

  1. You probably know that I HATE house sitting. Can’t stand it, wasted money on joining the agency and hours and hours of precious time looking for potential sits. We’ve done 2, the first, was just yuk, the second was OK but I don’t like feeling like a freeloader, I’d honestly rather pay and I hate being restricted in terms of time and location. That and worrying about the kids breaking something and the vast cleaning and laundry job at the end of each sit is my idea of hell. So, no, not for me. I’m a clean freak and a perfectionist, it honestly kills me! BUT, sometimes needs must. If we want to spend months on end in London it’s a good option, but for most destinations, nope. I know Caz of Y Travel Blog hates it too, so it’s not just me! Erin hires a cleaner, she’s a genius! ( but that wouldn’t be clean enough for me) Although we’re back in the UK towards the end of this year so we may just be forced into it. Yet at the same time , WE NEED HOUSESITTERS for our Romania house. I’m going to have to join the darn agency from the other end! Nice new header!

    • I was thinking that hiring a cleaner sounds genius – but then I’d probably still clean loads after!!

      I do prefer my own space and renting our own places as well, but it was definitely worth it for our NYC and London periods. One to have in mind to try out if it works because if it suits you you can have a great time.

      Now… we’ve never been to Romania… 😉

      Cheers for the comment Alyson!!


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