Goodbye Gloria

When we were looking for camper vans 2 years or so ago I knew I wanted a van I wouldn’t get attached to and something we could sell on again with no soppy feelings remaining. So I was pleased with Gloria when we found her. She hit all the practical points but also she was fairly brown and ugly and I was sure we wouldn’t grow attached to her.

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She did everything that we asked of her. We wanted to reach the Mediterranean, she did it. We wanted to go from Lands End in England to John o’Groats in the North of Scotland and she did it.

Enjoying a sunset
By Stonehenge
Montignac by the river


German Alps!


Just a few flags!

Had she collapsed after our last day on the road we’d have still felt that we’d had a great buy and we’d got our moneys worth!

Even after 6 months being stored again on the drive she took us all the way to Normandy with not a hitch. She was 26 years old by then! I really couldn’t believe how lucky we’d been with her. We’re not normally that lucky with cars so it felt like such a risk to buy a cheap van for our big adventure. Obviously our bad luck with cars meant we were owed some good luck!

second chance at an adventure! Off to Normandy.

So May came and we knew we had to sell her. It was gut wrenching and some days I just wanted to work out a way of keeping her. What I really wanted was to have a house with some big driveway or some land we could store her forever on and where she could be a ‘den’ for the kids or me! Unfortunately we’re a long way from the housing ladder in the UK and this wasn’t an option. It made sense to at least try to sell her.

Ugh – what a nightmare. Ebay seemed the best place for visibility, but it also has so many time wasters there too and we spent so many days dealing with emails that were a bit weird/unintelligible or downright cheeky.

As time went on I was starting to think we’d not actually sell her before our August trip to America. All of a sudden it started getting stressy and I realised that although I loved the van, I didn’t want the hassle of trying to keep her on the road and really the way I’d rationalised buying flights to the US was because we had planned to get Gloria sold. Some days I was feeling so foolish when another weekend went by with her unsold.

Finally someone came who was just right for her. Him and his partner had ideas of a huge adventure and I know they will love the van. In the end I was relieved she’d gone andpleased she seemed to have gone to a good home!

All together!
All together!


We had so much fun with Gloria, so many adventures. I’m so glad we had her in that chapter of our life!

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