From Dallas to Route 66 and falling in love with Texas

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I’ll say this straight away – we loved Texas!  We loved everything about it from the people to the food and even the sweltering weather.

One of the reasons why we chose Dallas as our first port of call on our US trip was because of a business conference I was attending.  I knew pretty much nothing about it and all my mind brought up when I thought of it was a 80s soap opera and an assassination 😉  But it was AMERICA!  You know, that place that I have always wanted to visit…  So when the opportunity presented itself it seemed daft not to take it.

texas waffle
how can you not love a place that makes Texas shaped waffles?


While I was at my conference I naturally was very excited to be there and said often that it was my first US trip and so many times I was told in return- ‘ugh well you chose a great place to start it, NOT’.  And ‘Sorry that Dallas is your first impression of America’ and things of that ilk (I may have paraphrased a bit!)

Now I loved our first impressions.  Of course we had a whole heap of preconceived ideas about the USA because of the media and film scenes we’re constantly bombarded with back home, but we certainly didn’t arrive feeling that we’d made a big mistake.


It made me really think about others opinions of places and how that can unfairly make you biased when you are visiting a new place, or even thinking about a new place.  If we’d heard these people beforehand maybe we’d have thought twice about spending so much on flights to get there and maybe we’d have decided to postpone it so we could arrive in America at a much ‘better’ place.

But we didn’t and I have to say I am very glad.  Having gone through many states in America now, Texas hold a real place in our hearts and we’d love to return!  We’d even come back to Dallas!


Travelling to Route 66 via Wichita Falls

After my conference we made the journey up towards the very North of Texas and in to the PanHandle where we wanted to pick up Route 66.  It was around 5 hours drive to there, so we stopped halfway at a town called Wichita Falls which looked nice and had some nature walks we could go on.  We stayed at the Days Inn & Suites which was basic but had great reviews and all we needed!  Check here for latest prices.

Wichita Falls was a lovely town but I will forever remember it for having the worst tasting tap water I have ever tasted in my entire life!  I’d asked for water when we’d gone out for dinner, trying to keep costs down (and save my waist from too much soda!) and I recoiled it was so horrid.  Even the soda had a weird taste to it.   I have no idea why, but I might have turned to wine if I’d lived there!!  I’m sure it was a one off though.    Thankfully they redeemed themselves with an awesome giant cookie desert!


The next day we had a wonderful little walk along towards the waterfalls before it got too hot – who am I kidding, we woke up too hot!

wichita falls texas waterfalls walk nature
Alex and I are in this photo if you look carefully!

We saw so much wildlife: turtles, birds and dragonflies and a whole heap of butterflies all clinging to a tree too.  I’ve no idea on IDs though!

dragonfly wichita falls texas  

butterflies beetles tree


I’d definitely recommend a stop if you’re in the area of Wichita Falls in Texas.

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