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Sound deadening a van – part 3 of our camper conversion

Welcome to part three of our camper van conversion diary and the one where we did something I’d never even considered – sound deadening a van!  If you’re the same and have never known it was something to do then read on.  This will be a short post today because as you’ll soon see, sound […]

Tips for driving the North Coast 500 in a campervan or motorhome

There’s a new and popular driving route in Scotland called the NC500, North Coast 500, which some even say is like Scotland’s Route 66.  I’m not so sure on that one since we’ve driven both now, but if it works to boost tourism in the area then I guess it’s worth it!  What Scotland’s north […]

Campervan conversion part 2 – fitting windows

If you haven’t already seen part one of the campervan conversion series then head here to see how we chose a van and prepped it ready for the interior.  The prep work definitely felt a bit boring, a bit safe and didn’t do too much to change the van from how it was originally looking. […]

Our van conversion story – from old council van to Tonks! Part 1

In my last post I mentioned that we had taken on a new challenge which will bring with it new adventures.  That challenge was to turn a scrappy old council van into something that will take us on trips and be a new home for us.  A van conversion was always something we had considered, […]