Goodbye Gloria

When we were looking for camper vans 2 years or so ago I knew I wanted a van I wouldn’t get attached to and something we could sell on again with no soppy feelings remaining. So I was pleased with Gloria when we found her. She hit all the practical points but also she was … Read more

Will kids remember travel? Is it worth it?

We’re taking a year off from the rat race along side our kids so you can probably guess that I do think that travel is going to be worth it for our kids.  But really, and especially in the case of younger kids, will they remember it?  And if they won’t then is it worth … Read more

Freedom and straying off the beaten path

It’s Independence Day in the USA today, a day when its citizens celebrate and think about their freedom and what it means to them.

I’m actually rather ashamed that I never knew, until I was a young adult, anything about the war of independence and my own country’s role in that.  How could I not know that the British were part of it?  I remember watching The Patriot and stating stupidly that I didn’t know the British ruled America. That was the tip of a very large iceberg that was my woefully inadequate knowledge of history, world events and our role in it.   It also made me question my education – lots!

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