Can you use English money in Scotland? (2023) + more Scottish currency questions

Bank of Scotland Banknotes for Scottish Pounds

One of the most common questions about the practicality of visiting Scotland is about the money that is used there. I even get questions from people who live in England about it! Growing up in Scotland and visiting England I always knew first hand the problems that the differences in the money gave. Sometimes people … Read more

Best Scottish islands to visit: 11 beautiful places to see

Ferry going to Scottish islands

For many people, Scotland’s Highlands and Islands is what they have in mind when planning a visit. Remote landscapes, gorgeous wee villages surrounded by Highland Coos and beautiful beaches that are unspoilt by tourists. The real thing isn’t that far from that idyllic notion so if you’re planning to explore you’re in for a treat. … Read more

12 simply fabulous things to do in Scotland in summer

view over water in Scotland in summer

A Scottish summer is a spectacular thing. Imagine walking along a quiet beach that wouldn’t be far out of place in the Caribbean or walking through forests with the summer sun creating dappled pools of light on the floor. If you’re visiting Scotland in summer that’s the dream right? Of course, Scotland doesn’t have guaranteed … Read more