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Christmas in Manhattan, NYC – 10 things to do!

[no_toc] Spending Christmas in Manhattan is such an exciting thing to do.  It seems to have been captured in so many movies and I’ll be honest, if I was to spend the holiday season anywhere in the world away from home it would be in NYC.  Funnily enough it was our first taste of Christmas […]

Housesitting in New York and our first Xmas away from home

After our introduction to New York in Brooklyn, we had one night in Manhattan before we headed to our housesitting assignment over in Staten Island. Our night in Manhattan was so different to Brooklyn (which in turn was so different to Staten Island) and I’m really glad we saw a couple of different faces of New […]

Düsseldorf Christmas Market – any good?

One of the best things that we did when visiting Germany was to see Düsseldorf Christmas market.  It’s not included in the top German Christmas markets if you read any of the ‘top’ lists around but as we’d never experienced any before in Germany, we had nothing to compare it to and as such had a […]

Our Texas to California Road Trip including 1000 miles on Route 66

road trip from texas to california
[no_toc] We were very excited to be doing a road trip in the USA, a Texas to California road trip – so no short trip for us!  It was about 1250 miles from Dallas TX to Needles CA according to Google, but I imagine we did slightly more with the few detours that we partook […]

Best Route 66 travel guide – books and map reviews

When planning a trip on the historic mother road you really want to have a Route 66 travel guide with you.  There is so much to see, so many little details to point out that unless you have a guide or some maps, you’ll just drive right on by.  They can really help bring to […]