Unveiling London’s Top 5 Christmas Lights and Trees for a Dazzling 2023 Holiday Season!

St Pancras Book Christmas tree

Each year London manages to outdo the previous one when it comes to Christmas displays! From magical lights that are suspended above the streets as you walk by to quirky Christmas trees the city really has it all and it’s a delight in the holiday season. Early evenings make wandering the streets and looking at … Read more

8 problems Americans driving in Scotland experience and how to avoid them on your next trip!

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Visiting Culross in Scotland – Outlander’s Cranesmuir and a pretty Fife village

Visiting Culross in Scotland you'll see historic houses like these that were used in Outlander as Cranesmuir

With its uneven buildings holding a secret of the past, Culross is a gorgeous place to step back in time in Scotland! Narrow streets, higgledy piggledy houses and views across the river towards Edinburgh await you in this beauty of a location. We used to live just a few miles away from picturesque Culross and … Read more

7 Stonehenge tours from Southampton: how to add this bucket list site to your cruise trip

stonehenge tours from Southampton

The amazing wonder of Stonehenge with the mysterious and ginormous stones towering above regular people is a must see for so many who travel to the UK every year. To stand in its presence and feel the history of the land honestly has to be experienced! If you’re heading to or from a cruise from … Read more

How to get to Windsor Castle from London: best and cheapest ways to visit

how to get to Windsor castle from London

Discovering Windsor Castle, the home of British Royalty, is one of the top things to do in England for visitors and when you wander around the town that is dominated by the castle you can completely see why. Strewn with flags, Windsor is like a permanent garden party where pictures of the Royal family adorn … Read more