Best Route 66 travel guide – books and map reviews

When planning a trip on the historic mother road you really want to have a Route 66 travel guide with you.  There is so much to see, so many little details to point out that unless you have a guide or some maps, you’ll just drive right on by.  They can really help bring to life all the history of this amazing stretch of road.

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Route 66 Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a Route 66 book about what you’ll find there, the attraction and where they all are, here’s what I think are some of the best books about Route 66 on the market:

EZ 66 Guide for Travelers

For some this is considered the best Route 66 guide and for good reason.  It’s a completely user friendly book with easy to read maps and being spiral bound it makes it easy to use.  I love that it has all sorts of ideas for many age ranges in it, including scavenger hunts and ideas to make the car journey great for kids.  If anything I think the style of the book is a little hard to get used to, but it doesn’t detract from the excellent content.

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Route 66 – Dining and Lodging Guide

From the same publishers as the EZ 66 Guide comes a guidebook about the lodging and dining options available on Route 66.  With over 500 establishments reviewed this is really a great source while you’re on the road to discover the best of the road.  While I like to check things out online, this isn’t always an option while out and about so having this book to hand is great.  It’s especially good if you like to take your time and see where you end up in a day rather than planning too far in advance.

Always look for an up to date version of this book rather than going second hand – things change often on Route 66 so best to get up to date information!

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Route 66 Adventure Handbook

The Route 66 Adventure Handbook is a great read and is full of interesting bits of history about many of the areas along Route 66.  It’s not perfect if you’re travelling solo, because there is so much to read, but it’s good to have for passengers to read as you’re going along.  It’s a complete guide, with lodging and attraction info, plus maps – again be wary of things changing and go for the most up to date version.  Unlike the EZ66 book, this one is available on Kindle so perfect for packing light!

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Lonely Planet Route 66 Road Trips

This is more of a general guide for Route 66, but I think it would be excellent to read as part of your planning to get a good overview. Sometimes the more specific guidebooks have so much information that until you get there it’s a bit overkill.  This book is perfect to give you a taste, help you plan a great time, but not overwhelm.

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Best Route 66 Maps

Here It Is! The Route 66 Map Series

If you’re looking for a separate map for route 66 rather than from guide books then these maps come highly recommended.  Again they are by the same publishers as the EZ66 guide book and actually it’s the same maps as the book.  It’s important to note that the maps are hand drawn and aren’t typical maps, but they are very useful.

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Route US 66 (Quick Access)

This is a nice laminated map of historic Route 66, it’s not as detailed as some of the others, but it’s still a good back up to the guide books.  I love that it’s more sturdy than the others and I think, even if it’s less detailed, that it would be a great map for kids to look at and see where they’re going.

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Maps and a guide book are essentials for planning a route 66 road trip so you can make the most of your trip. Here's the best ones around. #route66

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